In Review: WandaVision (Season 1 Episode 3)

WandaVision, Season 1 Episode 3 sees a time shift, following on from last week's opening episodes. Furthermore, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen)

Synopsis: WandaVision, Season 1 Episode 3 sees a time shift, following on from last week’s opening episodes. Furthermore, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) have an urgent issue to deal with, as Wanda’s pregnancy is one unlike any other . . .



Not quite knowing what’s going on means that the sudden shift to a new decade doesn’t jar. In fact, it works really well. Consequently, little has changed, in terms of the story-world. Vision (Paul Bettany) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) are still living out an idyllic life, perhaps the one that Wanda has manufactured. As the real world is too painful. We can only speculate, so far. What WandaVision, Season 1 Episode 3 does is carry on the “not knowing” well. We’re as oblivious to things as the two title characters, seemingly. But crucially, it does realize that that’s only going to last so long. There must be some developments. And this week there’s a huge one.

Wanda’s pregnancy dominates the episode, which provides a strong story line And, it’s necessary. But the stuff going on as a result of it is what’s most interesting. It seems that Wanda’s powers are tied to her state of mind. Potentially, dangerously so. Once “Geraldine”, a.k.a. Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) seems to know who Wanda really is, she’s somehow banished from the “Westview” world. And she isn’t the only one asking questions. The implication is that very soon we’ll find out what’s really going on in WandaVision.




The show’s two stars come out on top, again. And that’s exactly what it should be. The on screen relationship between Olsen and Bettany is a fantastic one. They really do seem like a couple. One that loves one another, deeply. the two know their characters really well. Crucially, they seem to know how they are developing, too. A simple look can express so much, which is a testament to the skill of these two actors. As well as to the work they’ve clearly put in to making sure this is the case. They’re also very funny together, too.


CGI & Effects

Whether it’s the theme song and credits, or the “magic”, the look of the show is fantastic. What’s clear is that there was a vision (no pun intended). And they didn’t Wanda off from it (Okay, pun intended -sorry/not sorry). Everything has been thought out and planned, and that shows. The deliberate retro feel has been created fantastically, and exactly what was desired has been achieved.



What WandaVision, Season 1 Episode 3 managed was to pace things well, here. The balance between the “week to week” action, and the underlying story. Wanda’s pregnancy brought some truly hilarious and tender moments. Regardless of their world likely being some sort of a simulation, we care for Wanda and Vision, wherever they are. This episode showed that to make this happen you need to focus on character driven drama. We’re all set now, for things to hot up and discover how everything will tie into the larger MCU.


WandaVision airs weekly, Fridays, on DisneyPlus. There’s 9 episodes in Season 1. If, like us, you’re Marvel mad, love the MCU, check out our Five Things to Expect feature. As well as “A Scarlet Spell” and “Vision’s Vision”, in weekly fun feature May The Verse Be With You.

In Review: WandaVision (Season 1 Episode3)
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