In Review: WandaVision (S1 – Eps 1&2) Series Premier (Disney +)

WandaVision follows the adventures of Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Vision who find themselves living in a bizarre sitcom.

Synopsis: WandaVision follows the adventures of Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff and Vision who find themselves living in a bizarre sitcom.


The Stories

First off. Disney + decided to give WandaVision the best possible start by showing the first two episodes. Ordinarily, we’ll only see one episode a week. But Disney figures that what worked for ‘The Mandalorian’ will probably work for their latest original series.

So then, episode one of the series sees newly married Wanda and Vision move into a new neighborhood. And soon realize that it will require some effort for them to fit in. Which may prove difficult. As the story progresses we see Wanda trying to work around her nosy neighbor Agnes who is keen to welcome her to the neighborhood. Things get complicated when they have to entertain Visions boss and wife with dinner. Which has a few comical moments.

In episode two. Wanda and Vision decide to perform a magic act in order to fit in with the neighborhood’s charity event. Wanda has some initial problems when trying to ingratiate herself with the events planner. A lady called Dotty. But it is becoming apparent to Wanda that not all is as it seems in this 1960s style suburban neighborhood.


The Acting

WandaVision is in very safe hands as we see Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany reprise their Avengers roles with very little effort. Additionally, the two actors seem to slip effortlessly into the acting style required for a 60s sitcom. Which is very much what the show is parodying. The dialogue is fast and witty as are the gags that allude to them using their powers. Kathryn Hahn makes an immediate impression as nosy neighbor Agness who may or may not be more than she appears to be.

Emma Caulfield Ford is suitably cast as the neighborhood organizer who gives off a sense of being a cut above. While Asif Ali and David Payton are suitably cast as members of the local Neighborhood watch, which is really a bit of a man’s club where much gossip is exchanged.

We also get solid comedic performances from Fred Melamed and Debra Jo Rupp as Mr. and Mrs. Hart.



This opening couple of episodes did a great job of setting the table for what looks like it will be an interesting blend of ‘Bewitched’, and ‘The Truman Show’, but with the superhero antics of Vision and Wanda as they try to unravel the mystery surrounding their new life together. It is very apparent that they are being watched by the end of episode one. But it becomes even more so in the second episode where Wanda finds a glorious technicolor toy plane in her rather monochrome black and white garden.

Indeed, it is episode two which is the stronger of the two episodes as we get to see Vision and Wanda do a magic show. In which Wanda has to deliberately sabotage it in order to help Vision out of a sticky patch.

We get teasers throughout the second episode that there is a bigger mystery to be had. As we hear the Beach Boys perform ‘Help me Rhonda’ on the radio, but Rhonda gets substituted with Wanda.

Overall. This is a really strong start, which seamlessly blends the 60s sitcom format with the mysterious elements that Marvel brings into it. We get some nice clues as to who may be behind the scenes and some great easter eggs. One of which is an advertisement for a  Strucker watch. This may be a reference to Wolfgang von Strucker or someone from that family.

In WandaVision Disney + has once again successfully provided some appointment television for genre fans.


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WandaVision (S1 - Eps 1&2) Series Premier (Disney +)
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