In Review: WandaVision – Breaking The Fourth Wall

There are more twists and turns in "Breaking The Fourth Wall". As Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) senses something's wrong, we finally find

Synopsis:  There are more twists and turns in “Breaking The Fourth Wall”. As Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) senses something’s wrong, we finally find out more about Agnes (Kathryn Hahn). Following on from last week’s episode, Darcy (Kat Dennings) is now in “The Hex”.  Vision (Paul Bettany) reminds her who she is and they work together. Meanwhile Monica (Teyonah Parris) steps up her own plan.



Just as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) doesn’t know what’s going on, neither do the viewers. As a result, we are as intrigued as she is. So, we have to watch her find out, as we do. The glitches were a great way to create tension. In WandaVision: Five Theories, we stated that things may not be quite as simple as they seem. Furthermore, “Breaking The Fourth Wall” suggested there’s still much more to be revealed. We know Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) has been planning something really big, but just what that is we don’t know.

Now we know who “Agnes” (Kathryn Hahn) really is, we could have a serious big-bad for WandaVision, and possibly even the MCU, generally. Where Vision will fit into battling magical beings will be interesting to see. What’s clear is that whatever else may, or may not be real, his love for Wanda is. Darcy(Kat Dennings) pointing that out called on the power of love to transcend everything else.



Kathryn Hahn brought good presence to the character of Agatha Harkness, as we found out her true nature. In doing so, she also showed she’s set up that, wonderfully. In the final of the episode, we also saw Elizabeth Olsen continue to display brilliantly  understated vulnerability. This aspect to her character was  a key theme in “A Scarlet Spell”, from May The Verse Be With You.

CGI& Effects

Not too many big explosions, or massive action scenes, this week. What happened to Monica (Teyonah Parris) was a smart way to use CGI. Her eyes turning blue suggested she may be changing, which is vital for character development, something discussed in more detail in WandaVision: What To Expect – 5 Things. Again, the show uses strong effects powerfully, and not just for the sake of it.



Events in the episode were well balanced, in terms of how the story is progressing. The pace of “Breaking The Fourth Wall” was slower, but that worked well. We really are seeing Wanda become something more, now. Monica stated what has been suggested all along: that Wanda feels forced to behave how she is doing. From Wanda Maximoff To Scarlet Witch assesses that concept, and how her history complicates things. When you couple that with her love for Vision, then her motivations are strong. Vision’s going to have some big decisions, something we explored in Vision’s Vision. As already stated, ultimately  love will be what motivates them both. .


WandaVision airs weekly, Fridays, on DisneyPlus. There’s 9 episodes in Season 1. We’ll feature the show in coming PodCast Episodes

In Review: WandaVision - Breaking The Fourth Wall
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