In Review: Walking Dead season 8 episode 13

The episode was full of action if not common sense.

This past Sunday night, March 25th, saw perhaps one AMC’s best Walking Dead episodes of this past eighth season. Even if a few scenes didn’t make sense, in retrospect; it was only a few, with the majority of the episode actually being pretty good and exciting.

Finally all of the waiting and zombie heel dragging of the current season is reaching its zombie and blood filled zenith, as all of the pieces are finally in place to see Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) battle for control of what remains of known human society.

Maggie (Laurie Cohen) has truly begun to show what a good leader she is, with everyone in the Hilltop thankful to have her at the helm, even as she sees all too well, the cost in human lives that the struggle requires. In a very entertaining and calculated series of defensive traps, Maggie’s Hilltop and the Kingdom’s soldiers led by King Ezekial (Khary Payton ), manage to successfully repel Simon (Steven Ogg) and the Saviors.

But Negan’s plan to bring the zombie infection and plague to the Hilltop is wildly successful as many of the compound’s defenders are felled and ultimately killed by the infected blades and arrows of the Saviors. It was also sad to see a long time member of the Alexandria community Tobin (Jason Douglas), stabbed by an infected knife and survive with a heartwarming discussion with Carol (Melissa McBride), just before dying and becoming one of the zombies responsible for a deadly outbreak throughout the Hilltop.

This was one of the few scenes that I thought was not too well thought out, as I just did not believe the way the wounded survivors turned so fast into walkers, but regardless, the effect was devastating to the tired survivors of the Hilltop and Kingdom.

Likewise, young Henry (Macson Lintz), just could not control his thirst for revenge as he finds himself an M-16, with which the inexperienced boy opens up the pen holding the captured Saviors and was either over run by zombies, or is in pursuit of the Savior who killed his brother.

One thing is certain however, the few remaining episodes of season eight are heating up, and promising all fans a renewed and continued Walking Dead experience, as Morgan’s (Lenny James) character jumps over, in what we all hope is a rejuvenated fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, set to begin on April 15th, right after the season final of The Walking Dead.


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