In Review: Walking Dead ‘Last Day on Earth’

The Apocalypse has finally been introduced to Negan and we will just love to hate him!

The season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead entitled ‘Last Day of Earth‘, not only introduced the long awaited arrival of Negan as played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan,  but was also one hell of a season ending cliff-hanger!

The worst thing about this amazing episode was that Negan was in all actuality one of the most charming villains/son of a bitch, that viewers of The Walking Dead have had the pleasure of hating to willingly welcome into The Walking Dead family with open arms.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan quite literally ‘killed it’ as Negan, with millions of loyal fans sitting on the proverbial edge of their seats, as they awaited both Negan’s introduction into the series as well as the much awaited ‘death by Lucille’, of a beloved character. A death which even most members of the cast are not privy to know which of them might not be returning in the upcoming seventh season of the meg-hit zombie show.

The episode itself was one in which Rick and his people begin in a quite hopeful manner, but by the end of the 90 minute finale our favorite group of apocalypse survivors see and feel nothing but utter hopelessness.

The angst and despair that can ultimately be seen most in the face of a leader (Rick) who is not only out of options, but is also faced with an unwinnable position in which he MUST and WILL surrender too!

‘Last Day on Earth’ was The Walking Dead at its finest and has shown that even after six seasons, Robert Kirkman and the show’s writers, directors, producers, cast and crew can still deliver one hell of a story that keeps the viewers and fans of the show ravenous for more of the same season after season.

Well done to the show’s cast and all involved in continuing to creating The Walking Dead, as the season six finale was everything and more that the fan base was hoping for. The only real question left now for the millions of grieving fans who watched the season finale this past Sunday is precisely who they should in fact be grieving for!?

While we will simply all have to wait until next October to ultimately find out, the speculation will in fact be plentiful as to whether or not the show’s writers and producers will stick to the comic version of The Walking Dead and kill Glenn. Or did the show’s creators in fact choose to martyr and sacrifice another beloved character such as Abraham, Eugene or some other fan favorite resident of Alexandria?

Until then however, hanging in there is really all we can do; but at the very least fans of The Walking Dead can take solace in the upcoming second season premier of Fear the Walking Dead, which airs next Sunday on AMC.

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