In Review: Venom (2021-) #2

Dylon and Sleeper are on their own and being watched closely.

Synopsis: After the events in #1 of Venom. Dylon and Sleeper are on their own and being watched closely.


The Story

While Eddie Brock’s consciousness is otherwise engaged. This issue throws the focus onto his Son Dylon who has taken on the Venom Symbiote and is adapting to life on the run from authorities that have an anti symbiote agenda. Having listened to a message left by his late father Eddie. Dylon heads for an old diner to meet up with an old contact of Eddies called Archer Lyle, who can supposedly help him to go dark.

After having waited at the Diner. Dylan decides to go off in search of Archer, but instead finds himself the target of an elite hit squad with orders to capture him by any means.



Bryan Hitch does some great panels for this book. I loved the atmosphere he manages to conjure up in the panels where Dylan is in the diner. Especially the way in which the people in the diner are juxtaposed with the news feed on the TV. I also loved the visual of Dylan walking down the street with an exotic-looking cat on one side of him while Eddies Dog is on the other side of him. I somehow doubt that my cat would be as well behaved as Sleeper is in this book.

The action toward the end was nicely drawn. I loved the visual of Venom coming out to play and taking out three people at once. That is never going to get old.



This issue was much less chaotic than the last issue, but at the same time, the pacing was rather slow to a point where the action beats at the end felt much more staged than they needed to be. I’m also having a little difficulty in accepting or finding anything about Dylan Brock that I can relate to. Hopefully, that will change over the course of the story.

Venom (2021-) #2
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