In Review: Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter #1

Return to the Victorian Age for a classic tale in the life of young Liesel Van Helsing!

Synopsis: To this day, the Van Helsing name haunts the waking hours of vampires throughout the world. But, in the late 1800s, at the height of the war of the night in Europe, another name rested on the tongues of humans and bloodsuckers alike, Dracula! Rumors have been growing of his impossible return and Liesel Van Helsing will do anything in her power to put an end to this nightmare that has plagued her family for generations!


The Story

Liesel Van Helsing who is haunted by the memory of her late Father has found herself taking on his job as a Vampire Hunter, but unlike Abraham Van Helsing. Liesel has found herself forming her own team of hunters, which includes Arthur Frank and Fiona Candlish. When Liesel finds Fiona and Arthur swapping stories in the local put she learns that Arthurs’s brother Silas, who is also a member of her team has not reported in from his mission. It seems that Silas was investigating the mysterious disappearances of people from various small towns that border Romania and he also seems to have disappeared.

Out of concern for their teammate. Liesel, Arthur, and Fiona head off to Romania to search for their missing comrade, but as they arrive in one of the towns. They find that the vampire problem is much bigger than they could have possibly imagined.

The Artwork

Giulia Pellegrini and colorist Bobby Bevard do a solid job with the artwork and capture the period and fashions well. The character drawings are brilliant and I particularly loved seeing Arthur’s outfit being rigged with retractable blades as well as a gadget that shoots silver stakes. I loved the little panels that introduce each member of Liesel’s team as well as the bar room scene where we first meet them.



This first issue is a great jumping-on point for those like myself who have never read about Liesel Van Helsing. I loved the brief origin story at the start of the book, which showed the fate of Abraham Van Helsing, who is the famed Vampire Hunter that we have come to know and love from countless Dracula films.

Overall. I can’t wait to see where issue two goes.

Van Helsing: Vampire Hunter #1
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