In Review: Vampirella: The Dark Powers #2

The grand adventures of Vampirella as an interdimensional superhero continue!
Dark Powers

Synopsis: This month in Vampirella: The Dark Powers. The grand adventures of Vampirella as an interdimensional superhero continue! After a vicious battle with the Anticlan, Vampi is severely reprimanded for excessive use of force unbefitting The Project. Will she be able to fit in, or will she take a darker path?


The Story

Having fought and defeated the Anticlan only for its A.I. to suddenly evolve. Vampirella has left her team members and taken on the new threat posed by Anticlan. Furthermore, the rest of her team are not far behind and soon arrive to lend aid. With the job finally done Vampirella tells the other team members that she quits. But Green Llama pleads her case.

In conclusion, Vampirella is put on probation. As a result. She will have to shadow The Flame and his sidekick Flame Girl of Plural World 5192. Which is basically a futuristic steampunk version of New York.


The Artwork

Paul Davidson pulls off some fantastic artwork for this issue. I was particularly impressed with the opening few pages of the crowds running away from Vampirella while she engaged Anticlan in battle.

I also loved the work that he put into creating Plural World 5192, which included loads of steam-powered airships. Indeed ‘Vampirella: The Dark Powers’ is in very good hands.



Having never read much Vampirella. The Dark Powers is very much my introduction to her. First off. I really like how she views herself as an outsider and can easily relate due to personally being among the 20% of people on this Earth who is Neurally Divergent from the rest of society. So in that sense, I can really relate to Vampirella and her tendency to go off and do stuff her way.

Dan Abnett does a great job of writing Vampirella’s internal dialogue as she breaks the third wall and speaks directly to the readers and recaps events from the opening issue. I also quite enjoyed the dialogue she shares with Green Llama when The Project team pretty much talk Vampirella into staying.

Overall. A great issue with lots happening.


You can pick up a copy of this issue on Wednesday from most good comics stores and ComiXology.


Vampirella: The Dark Powers #2
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