In Review: Vampirella: The Dark Powers #1


Synopsis: Welcome to THE PROJECT, an interdimensional collective of superheroes, tasked with recruiting members from across infinite worlds. And their newest recruit is…VAMPIRELLA!?


The Story

Vampirella has been recruited by The Project who are an interdimensional collective of superheroes. When a terrorist organization called the Anticlan attack The United States Treasury. Vampirella leaves the team and goes it alone wiping out the entire Anticlan forces. Owing to the fact that she didn’t properly listen to the team briefing. She missed out on some vital information about Anticlan. The fact that they are enhanced by BioTech, which adapts and evolves each time their soldiers are killed. In short, they resurrect in a new and more powerful form to tackle the thing that killed them.

If that isn’t bad enough. Vampirella is having difficulties fitting in with the team. So going off on her own as she did doesn’t help her standing in a group that already mistrusts her. Consequently, the Anticlan are no far more feral and vicious with a far more destructive imperative. They’ve adapted and resurrected with strengths and power enough to better match Vampirella.


The Artwork

Paul Davidson provides some wonderfully gory art as we see our vampiric heroine take out an entire team of the Anticlan at the very start of the issue. The dark black suits, which the Anticlan wear look rather imposing, but only really look futuristic in a near-future sense. It’s almost a shame that all the Anticlan were wearing helmets. Seeing some of their faces may have amplified the sense of tension and panic, which the dialogue was conveying.

In addition to the titular character. We get some solid drawings of the rest of the team in action. On the whole, this team is comprised of The Fighting Yank, Black Terror, The Liberator, Rocket Girl, and The Woman in Red.



I think Dan Abnett has hit on an intriguing idea of having Vampirella work with a team of heroes. This is a great contrast to her true nature, which is that of the lone operative. I feel that the way in which the team regards her sets up some interesting conflicts. I also liked that we had The Woman in Red trying to help their only vampire team member fit in.

With a threat that is more powerful than it was initially. It will make for some fun reading in future issues as the team and Vampirella try to find a way to work together.

Overall. This is a solid start to a new and fun adventure that will hopefully visit all of the worlds that the heroes come from.

Vampirella: The Dark Powers #1
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