In Review: Upload Season 2 (Prime Video)

The second season of Upload picks up weeks after the events seen in season one.

Synopsis: The second season of Upload picks up weeks after the events seen in season one. While living with Ingrid, Nathan searches for Nora, who has fled off the grid.


The Story

Picking up just two weeks from where season one left off. This second season sees Nora join up with a group of anti-technology activists in order to get out of harm’s way given that an attempt was made on her life. Meanwhile, back at Lakeview Ingrid has uploaded herself and told Nathan, who she has just gotten out of 2 Gig that she has died for him. Of course, Nathan who is still besotted with Nora has little choice but to try and make an afterlife with Ingrid. But still continues to try and find Nora.

From there on in. We get treated to seven fun-filled episodes as we see Nathan and his friend Luke play Robin Hood with an unsuspecting Ingrid lending a hand. While Nora is sent back to Lakeview in order to commit an act of sabotage, but in the process of doing. She figures out who had Nathan murdered.


The Acting

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo once again lead a truly talented cast as we see more madcap adventures in the virtual afterlife of Lakeview. We get more comedy antics from Luke (Kevin Bigley) who invents a game to alleviate boredom but then goes on a sleep strike to protest the fact that his dreams have made it from his afterlife into real life. Of course, Zainab Johnson returns as Aleesha who also has a bone or two to pick with Luke as she is literally the woman in his dreams. Meanwhile, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) continues to be a bit of a nightmare girlfriend for Nathan. As she is only able to do the Afterlife with a bit of a twist.

Newcomers Paulo Costanzo plays Matteo who is one of the leaders of the Luds. The group that Nora has joined up with. While Mackenzie Cardwell makes a great impression as Aleesha’s useless temp Tinsley.



If I have one criticism for this second season of Upload. It would be that at only 7 episodes it felt kind of short. However, despite that, it manages to continue the story from last year while giving us some fun moments from what is a superbly talented cast. We get fun moments like seeing Nathan, Luke and Ingrid pull off an audacious poker heist. As well as some drama as we learn more about who had Nathan Killed.

No doubt fans will be talking about the season two cliffhanger in the weeks ahead. Let us just hope that we do not have to wait quite as long for the show’s third season.


Upload Season 2 (Prime Video)
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