In review: Uncanny X-Men #31

The Scott Summers we see at the end of issue #31, might just be that Cyclops I admired and enjoyed reading the most when I was a kid.

From Marvel Comics and the creative team of Brian Michael Bendis (writer) and Chris Bachalo (artist & colors) as well as Antonio Fabela (colorist), Uncanny X-Men #31 was not so much the return of Professor Xavier as it was a Professor X cameo.

In this issue, the good Professor has in essence saved the world from the grave along with the help of Eva Bell, who is a new mutant of sorts and student of Scott Summers. With her ability to control and travel the currents of time, Eva in essence travelled to the past in order to enlist the aid of Professor Xavier and address the threat posed by an Omega level mutant named, Mathew Mallow.

Mathew’s mutant powers are so dangerously powerful, that the Professor had to suppress Mathew’s  ability to access his powers years ago, but with Xavier’s death, those powers have SHIELD and the X-Men on the highest of alerts. With perhaps thousands or more civilian innocents in harms way, SHIELD attempted to eradicate the out of control mutant menace with a missile strike, which also had the effect of killing Cyclops and Magik.

Mathew then traveled to the X-Men mansion and when confronted by Emma Frost and then Storm, began a rippling effect of destruction that left unchecked might simply have lead to the end of the X-Men, untold numbers of humans, with profound deadly implications to the human/mutant relationship that currently exists in the Marvel universe.

Luckily for mutant and humankind alike however, Eva Bell along with Professor Xavier successfully altered time in such a way so as to ensure that Mathew Malloy’s parents would simply never meet. The resulting alteration to time in turn had the effect of Mathew never even existing, which then took the story back to the point at which it began; with the She-Hulk reading Professor Xavier’s will to the gathered X-Men. Obviously there is now no mention of Mathew Malloy’s threat to existence with Xavier simply leaving everything, including the mansion, to Scott Summers.

While there are troubling implications to the way in which this conflict was resolved with respect to the very fabric of Marvel time and reality, I will say that I believe Eva Bell’s actions also had the effect of potentially changing something within Scott Summers and his relationship to the X-Men along with his current ‘Mutant Revolution’.

Upon Eva returning from the past and saving the X-Men, SHIELD and untold innocent humans, she confronts Scott Summers, tells him of the threat she averted and ultimately threatens him with the same fate which befell Mathew Mallow if he didn’t get his act together.

With that, Cyclops walks into the room of assembled X-Men and tells them that he is signing everything left to him by Xavier over to Storm and asks that all of the mutants currently in his care be taken in by the X-Men at the Xavier Mansion. He then tells everyone that while he knows many of them hate him, he still loves them all and with that Scott Summers simply walks out of the mansion’s front door.

At the end of the day, I liked seeing Scott’s reaction to Eva Bell and the way she saved the day by seemingly braking every cosmic rule in the book, because it made Scott look inside of himself and not liking what he saw, he decided to do something about it.

This is a hint of the Cyclops I remember admiring as a kid because he above all other mutants could be counted on to do the right thing when it was also the hardest thing needing to be done. The Scott Summers who walked out of the Mansion at the end of issue #31, might just be that Cyclops I admired and enjoyed reading the most. All I can say is that I sincerely hope he comes back to stay, because both mutant-kind and the rest of the Marvel world needs him to be the Cyclops who tempered by his mistakes, can be counted on to make the world a place where mutants and humans can finally learn to coexist together.

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