In Review: Turok (2019-) #2

Turok and Andar pierce the veil and find themselves out of time, literally, in the Lost Valley!

Synopsis: Turok and Andar pierce the veil and find themselves out of time, literally, in the Lost Valley! The Kiowa warriors are surrounded by hungry dinosaurs, and their only possible allies are the cavalry soldiers sworn to capture them. But all is not as it seems in the time-lost land, and the key to solving the mystery might well be the shadowy bounty hunter dogging Turok’s trail. Dino doings from Ron Marz and Roberto Castro!

Review: Ron Marz continues to amuse with a mysterious island and some serious pre-historic beast’s.

The Story

Having escaped through a mysterious portal in the previous issue. Turok and Andar find themselves in a Lost Valley, which is occupied by a variety of deadly beasts. Most of them pre-historic. While the two Native Americas figure out the lay of the land they find that Captain Connors and his soldiers are not too far behind and a deal with the devil has to be made in order to increase their chances of escape from the island.

The Artwork

Roberto Castro brings us a few raptors and some pre-historic men in this issue. All showing malicious intent toward our group. The final page sets up a wonderful cliffhanger with a tall mysterious warrior woman who is beautifully drawn.

Overall the various panels of dinosaurs ripping through human flesh and systematically tearing up the US Cavalry are worth the price of admission. There’s a thrilling panel in the book where Turok and Andar are hiding from the soldiers, but Turok senses they are being stalked, which is something we the reader know about in advance thanks to a nice panel showing little more than some Raptor eyes hidden behind some trees and long grass.


This is a fairly confident second issue, which advances the story and leaves us with an intriguing enough cliffhanger to entice us back for the next issue.

Turok (2019) #2
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