In Review: Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

The stakes really couldn't be higher

Synopsis: “Maverick” (Tom Cruise) returns to the Top Gun fighter pilot school. There’s a crucial mission that’s going to take the best of the best to pull off. The stakes really couldn’t be higher. And, to add to the problem, “Rooster” (Miles Teller) is seriously conflicted . . .



The action kicks off with Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) flying an intense training mission. He goes against the grain, in typical style and faces a disciplinary hearing. However, instead of being thrown out for his actions, he’s recalled to Top Gun. A dangerous mission requires that the pilots who’ll be flying it learn new skills. This allows “Maverick” to be teamed up with “Rooster”, Lt. Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller). “Rooster” is the son of “Goose” (Anthony Edwards) from the original movie, Top Gun (1986). The two must work out their differences if they’re to succeed in the mission. Secrets begin to emerge and This gives the story a sense of conflict, as well as shape to the plot. There’s good character writing, and some good comedic scenes too, which provide a sense of light relief.



In returning to one of his most iconic roles, we were reminded of how versatile an actor Tom Cruise is. For example, Cruise explores the guilt of Pete Mitchell. Furthermore, we saw that guilt manifest as fatherly love, towards Rooster. Cruise led the line superbly and was always the leading man. Miles Teller did really well, too, and didn’t seem phased by the mega-star status of Tom cruise. Teller brought a sense of freshness to the proceedings. Finally, it was wonderful to see Val Kilmer reprise his role, even for a cameo. A lovely touch.

Action & Stunts

There was some superb, incredible action, in Top Gun: Maverick. The opening scene was visually stunning, and really set the tone for the pace of things. Quite how they manage to do the aerial photography and flight sequences is nothing short of breathtaking. The real brilliance is how everything looks so credible and realistic. Clearly, a lot of work went into the movie’s overall visual appearance.


Top Gun: Maverick delivered on the excitement surrounding the movie, before its release. The story could have played out quite differently (we don’t want to spoil things, so we won’t say how), which would have added impact. But largely it was well written. \lthough the main plot was quite straightforward, the character-driven drama kept things interesting. Whilst there were a few nice nods to the original, the film held its own, which was important. This was a modern action-packed extravaganza for today’s audience.

In Review: Top Gun - Maverick (2022)
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