In Review: Tom Swift (S1 – EP7) …And the Book of Isaac

Tom, Zenzi, and Barcley race against time to find an antidote for Isaac and figure out who is responsible for poisoning him. 

Synopsis: Tom, Zenzi, and Barcley race against time to find an antidote for Isaac and figure out who is responsible for poisoning him.


The Story

Having found Isaac unconscious in last week’s episode. Tom realizes that his bodyguard has been poisoned and must rush to find the various components of an antidote, which is going to be easier said than done given that the drugs they need seem to have been taken from Swift Enterprises. Rowen who seems to be playing both sides tells Tom that the poison that got to Isaac was actually meant for him. To that end, Tom and Rowen work together to try and cobble together an antidote from medicines that they have collected from Swift employees.

While, Tom, Zenzi, and Rowen try and sort out an antidote to Isaac’s poison. Lino and Lorraine watch over Isaac and manage to get themselves locked in the room with him. This allows Lino and Lorraine to work through some of their issues with each other. And finally allows Lino to reveal his power to his Aunt. 


The Acting

The performances this week were fairly solid. Marquise Vilson gets to give us Isaac’s backstory thanks to the effects of the poison prompting his memory. We basically get to see how Isaac was recruited by the Swift family to become Tom’s bodyguard, but the flashback memories also reveal that Isaac has seen Rowen prior to his meeting with Barton Swift.

We also get really good performances from Donovin Miller and April Parker Jones as Lino and Lorraine get to sort out their issues. The scene where Lino confronts Lorraine about how he feels his mother was unfairly treated is handled beautifully. As was the revelation of Lino’s power to Lorraine.



This was a pretty solid episode as we saw how far The Road Back is willing to go in its mission to ruin Swift Enterprises. As it is they somehow manage to Lock Lorraine and Lino in a room together as well as turn the heat up to intense levels at Swift Enterprises and lock Zenzi in a room.

There is an issue though, and am not sure if I am the only person that spotted this. But when Zenzi goes into the room to get Quinn just before she is locked in. She is wearing a white dress. However, moments after she is rescued from the room by Eskol she is wearing a kind of light Yellow dress. So unless her dress is a fancy one that dramatically changes colour when exposed to extreme heat as opposed to it winding up sweat drenched and dirty. I have no idea what is going on. So am basically calling this out as a very obvious continuity error.

Aside from that. The episode was fairly strong. As we get a reveal on who is controlling Eskol and another puzzle piece to the chain of command of The Road Back.

Tom Swift (S1 - EP7) ...And the Book of Isaac
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