In Review: Tom Swift (S1 – EP5) …And the Crashed Cotillion

Tom, Zenzi and Isaac are on capsule piece rescue mission #3, and are determined that this time no detours, kidnappings or rogue dates will stop them

Synopsis: Tom, Zenzi and Isaac are on capsule piece rescue mission #3, and are determined that this time no detours, kidnappings or rogue dates will stop them, that is until Tom receives harsh news from Claire. Meanwhile, Lorraine works on finalizing the Tubman Group Cotillion. Lastly, Lino drops a bomb on Isaac.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Tom and his friends set about obtaining the third part of the capsule that Tom’s father dropped on them. Only this time they need to break into the safe in Claire’s Office. To that end, Tom, Zinzi, and Isacc use the Cotillion event as a cover for their espionage mission. However, things are made more difficult for Tom when he loses his executive status at Swift Enterprises, which limits his access. Its an experience that proves to be humbling for Tom as he learns firsthand how his past actions may have affected people within the lower ranks of the company.

In other developments. Lino gets to meet his mother and shares news about his developing powers with her. But when she turns up to the Cotillion and has a bit of a meltdown. Things don’t go so well.


The Acting

All the actors played their parts well. But I was particularly impressed with Donovin Miller as Lino who had some solid scenes with his mother. But as yet we do not fully understand how Lino’s newfound abilities are going to figure into the wider plot. I’m also enjoying Brittany Ishibashi’s performance as the manipulative Claire Cormier who is obviously trying to get full control of Swift Enterprises off of the swift family. The scene where she sees Barton Swift’s recorded message was absolute gold. 



Much like previous weeks. A solid episode, but a rather slow-developing story arc, which doesn’t seem to be offering anything new.

As a viewer, I am quite enjoying this show as a bit of light entertainment. But as a web critic. I’m not particularly sure where this show is trying to go or who Tom Swift really is in the confines of this series. I think I’d like to see the character undergo a little more hardship than he is going through. As am finding the supporting character a bit more interesting than the title character.

Tom Swift (S1 - EP5) ...And the Crashed Cotillion
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