In Review: Tom Swift (S1 – EP4) …And the Chocolate Cowboys

An annoyed Tom goes full-on dad mode when Lino stows away on the Swift Jet.

Synopsis: An annoyed Tom goes full-on dad mode when Lino stows away on the Swift Jet. Tom insists Isaac accompany Zenzi on her trip to meet Congressman Eskol.


The Story

While taking a little trip. Tom and Lino find themselves the guests of Calvin McElroy who is the owner of an out-of-business ranching group known as the Chocolate Cowboys. Calvin wants Tom’s expertise on how he can open a run a business selling some healing tree sap that he and his men found. However, things go a bit sideways when Tom tries to buy the idea from them and Lino seems to go missing as a result of it.

Meanwhile back at Swift Manor. Zenzi is on a bit of a spy mission to try and find out what Congressman Escol is up to.


The Acting

Donovin Miller gets a little more to do this week as his character of Lino continues to explore his newfound powers. But he continues to find himself being somewhat big brothered by Tom (Tian Richards) who is fearful that he is becoming more like his father.

Ashleigh Murray gets a few fun scenes as Zenzi has a date with Congressman Escol to try and learn more about his connection to  ‘The Road Back’. Her scenes with Ward Horton’s character are just the right mix of tense and playful.

E. Roger Mitchell puts in a good shift as the charismatic cowboy Calvin McElroy. I hope that we get to revisit his ranch at some stage to see how Calvin makes use of Tom’s suggestions. But also just to hang out. 



Kind of an average episode if truth be told. The story arc feels like it’s been done before in other shows. So am finding it pretty hard to be overinvested. The acting is fairly solid. But I feel that this kind of series would probably do better with shorter form mini-story arcs. So you can get several stories told over the course of a season. A little bit like what was done with Star Trek: Enterprise during its final and arguably best season.

Tom Swift (S1 - EP4) ...And the Chocolate Cowboys
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