In Review: Tom Swift (S1 – EP3) …And Nine Inches of Danger

While hosting the tech event of the year at Swift Enterprises, Tom embarks on a daring gambit to stop a security breach
Nine Inches

Synopsis: While hosting the tech event of the year at Swift Enterprises, Tom embarks on a daring gambit to stop a security breach – and to do so, he’ll have to get extremely close to the mysterious Rowan, whose undeniable chemistry with Tom complicates the question of whether Rowan is the Nine Inches of Danger or a guardian angel.


The Story

Picking up from where last week’s story left off. Tom’s A.I Barcley has been compromised and is potentially going to leak information to ‘The Road Back’ if Tom is unable to fix him. However, Tom’s efforts to save Barcley become somewhat compromised when his mother insists that he host a big PR event to showcase new inventions. To make matters worse  Claire Cormier who is the interim CEO of Swift Enterprises is doing her best to sabotage the event but is also using a failed sleep drug to manipulate Tom’s mother Lorraine. 

Added to all that. Tom’s adopted brother Lino has somehow developed unexplainable heightened physical abilities.


The Acting

Some solid acting performances in this episode as we gradually get to know the various players. Brittany Ishibashi was particularly good this week as we see more of Claire Cormier’s true colors come to the surface. The question is whether or not Claire is a part of ‘The Road Back’ or if she is just trying to sabotage Tom Swift (Tian Richards) for her own selfish reasons. Once again Claire doses Tom’s mother Lorraine (April Parker Jones) with a sleep drug, which leaves her very open to suggestions. 

We also get a tense scene between Tom and the mysterious and somewhat dangerous Rowen (Albert Mwangi) who wars Tom about ‘The Road Back’.



A solid episode that advances the story arc forwards while providing more intrigue and character development. I’m really enjoying the subplot in which Tom’s mother is being pretty much gaslighted by Claire. The fact that Tom is very aware of Claire’s manipulations is making for some fun and interesting scenes.

As to the secretive organization known as ‘The Road Back’. They are yet to make any more big moves in regards to stopping Swift Enterprises and other than their anti-technology stance. We really don’t know all that much about them as yet. Hopefully, the writers will look to fill in that particular blank over the course of the next few episodes.

Tom Swift (S1 - EP3) ...And Nine Inches of Danger
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