In Review: Tom Swift (S1 – EP10) …And the Cost of Forgiveness

Still dealing with the revelations of his father's betrayal in last week's episode. Tom realizes that Susannah's ultimatum toward him was all too real...

Synopsis: In, And the Cost of Forgiveness, only hours are left before Tom must launch the rescue drone to save his father from outer space. But his plans are jeopardized by an anti-technology attack at Swift Enterprises’ Black engineering conference – and by the fallout from the discovery of his father’s shocking betrayal during Tom’s childhood.


The Story

Still dealing with the revelations of his father’s betrayal in last week’s episode. Tom realizes that Susannah‘s ultimatum toward him was all too real and recognizes that to get at him. She will most likely attack Swift Enterprises’ Black engineering conference. Of course, as he figures out what Susannah is up to he races over there to try and figure out what her next move is. And it isn’t long until she makes it. By sealing everyone into the complex and attempting to poison the attendees and stewards. Including Tom’s best friend Zenzi and his bodyguard Issac.

Having just about foiled Susannah’s plans. Tom rushes to where he keeps a backup of his A.I. Barcley and confronts and exposes Susannah and her plans with The Road Back to all 5 million of his social network followers. Feeling exposed and in one last act of spite. Susannah uses a small bomb to destroy Barcley, which leaves Tom with an impossible choice of either saving his A.I. or saving his father. 


The Acting

Tian Richards puts in an emotive performance as we see Tom struggle with the idea of recognizing that his father has changed and been able to forgive him. Which is a theme that threads throughout the story. The scenes where Tom’s mother (April Parker Jones) tries to bring some perspective to the table are really strong. As is Parker Jones’s performance when Claire (Brittany Ishibashi) tries to blackmail her.

Once again Elizabeth Cappuccino is fantastic as the villain and has a few really strong finale scenes before riding off on her motorcycle.



It’s absolutely obvious that this was meant as a season finale as … And the Cost of Forgiveness has no conclusion but instead ends with a few loose plot threads and a pretty big twist in regards to the fate of Tom’s father. Which I am sure will upset some of the show’s fans. However, I can’t say I was too surprised by this. As I think future seasons of this would just have been more of the same formula along with CW’s tendency to be about as subtle as an ice pick through the eyeball when it comes to including hotbed issues within the narratives of their TV shows.

To be blunt. I only felt moderately entertained by this series as it was nowhere near as fun as the more superior Nancy Drew. That said though. I still rather enjoyed Tian Richards’s brash and confident take on the character and wouldn’t be against him appearing in Nancy Drew again. If that would be a way for the writers to tie up a few of his show’s loose ends.

Tom Swift (S1 - EP10) ...And the Cost of Forgiveness
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