In Review: Titans – Trigon

The season 2 premier would have worked much better had it been the season 1 finale.

Synopsis: With Rachel’s father, Trigon, having successfully turned Dick dark, he sets out to win the others over to his side by embracing their inner darkness.

Review: The season 2 premiere kicks off from where the first season finale left off and sets out to resolve the loose story threads from series one, which is why in many ways this premier would have worked better had it been the season one finale given that it resolves Rachels arc to a point where she can be Ravan and sets things up for the new season. Structurally this felt like a season finale.

The Story

Having successfully gotten Dick to embrace his dark side. Trigon sets about going after the other members of the titans by showing them their darker natures and getting them to embrace it. He starts off with Hawk and Dove and gradually works his way through to converting Wonder Girl and Jason Todd aka Robin number 2. This isolates Rachel and Gar who are trying to protect their friends but with little success.

In the end. This comes down to Rachel facing off against her father, which is basically what happens and what was going to happen all along given that her backstory was such a strong part of the shows the first season.

The Acting

Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter put in fairly strong performances as Ravan and Beast Boy respectively, but they are given a lot of great back up by a fantastic supporting cast.


As said above. This structurally felt like it should have been the season one finale given that they dispense with the villain, set up a new one for this series and the Titan’s get an official base of operations thanks to Dick having resolved his issues with Bruce Wayne, but there are conditions attached.

The set up for Deathstroke being this seasons villain was very matter a fact in that there was very little fanfare about it.

Overall. This was a fun episode, but it felt a little too much like a season finale and a seemingly by the numbers one at that given that the expectation was that we’d see Trigon hang around for at least an episode or two based on the pacing of last season.

I’m still invested in this show and hope that we can see some great things now that pretty much most of the character arcs are sorted.

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