In Review: Titans – Titans

A fairly solid introduction to a gritty take on Titans.

Synopsis: Rachel Roth, a teen haunted by dark visions and powers, falls under the wing of Detective Dick Grayson. We also meet Hory Anders and Beast Boy Gar Logan.

Review: Exclusively available to subscribers of DC’s new streaming service. Titans is their big series, which explores the world of the Titans who are led by former boy wonder and future Nightwing Dick Grayson.

The look and feel of this show is somewhat grimy and edgier than anything seen on the CW.

It doesn’t waste to much time with nursemaiding you into the world. Instead, you get thrown right in.

The Story

Much of the action is set in Detroit where Dick Grayson has relocated to.

The opening sees Rachel having a nightmare. She is dreaming about the horrible accident that befell ‘The Flying Grayson’s’ and ultimately put Dick Grayson on the path he is on. We get introduced very briefly to Rachels fiercely religious mother, who is frightened of her daughter. But as things develop. We learn that she is not Rachel’s mother.

Having witnessed her mum being shot in the head by a bald crook who seems to know something about Rachel and her abilities.  Rachel flees to Detroit where a series of events sees her meet Dick Grayson, but the meeting is short-lived when she is taken by the bald guy, who wants something from her.

As the story moves forward. Dick eventually comes to the rescue and is just in time to see Rachel’s powers come into play when she takes down her abductor without even moving from the chair that she is tied too.

The story also introduces Kory Anders who is better known as Starfire and The Beast Boy. But a majority of the focus in this episode is on Dick Grayson and Rachel. Though we do get quite a lot of backstory for Starfire, but not too much for Beast Boy.

The Acting

For the most part, the acting is fairly solid. Tegan Croft does a fairly good job of portraying the traumatic story surrounding Rachel Roth who is better known as Raven and Brenton Thwaites makes for a pretty stoic Dick Grayson, who seems to have a few demons left over from his time in Gotham. Which has us wondering what happened to get him so ticked off with the Batman.


The CGI in this show is awesome. We get to see various sequences at play in which both Raven and Starfire get to use their powers and Beastboys transformation at the close of the episode where we see him turn back to human form after having been a tiger is well done.


This is a darker take on the DC Universe that we have seen on television thus far and the characters are intriguing enough to keep me watching for a while.

Longtime fans of the Teen Titans and the Titans will most likely have something to say about the costumes and overall look and tone of the show. Which is fair enough. To each there own. I’m somewhere more open-minded and not as married to what has come before. Hence why I’ll likely have an easier time with this.

While the look and feel are pretty edgy. It’s not where near as bleak as the Christopher Nolan Batman films or the recent Superman films. It is fairly humorless though, which I hope they will address in future episodes because its not a superhero franchise without the odd bit of levity and humor.

I’d probably best describe this as the EMO stepchild of the comic book DC Titans.

Also, I think the ‘F**K Batman’ line from Dick Grayson when he is going it alone dressed as Robin wasn’t really needed. It had already been established that he was pissed off. Sure the build-up to the line was planted when one of the crooks he was beating up on asked where Batman was. But it was still a pretty pointless line.

I really loved the incidental music throughout this series and look forward to hearing more as the series moves forward.

Overall. I’m most likely to stick with this and see where it goes, which is mostly down to Raven’s story as well as wanting to see how Beast Boy is fully introduced and so forth.


Titans - Titans
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