In Review: Titans (S4 – Eps 7 & 8) – Caul’s Folly & Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory

The Titans have failed to prevent the Blood Moon ceremony from happening and now have to regroup and find a way to stop Brother Blood. 

Synopsis: The Titans have failed to prevent the Blood Moon ceremony from happening and now have to regroup and find a way to stop Brother Blood.


The Story

With the Blood Moon ceremony having happened. Sebastian Sanger has now completed his transformation into Brother Blood the son of Trigon, which isn’t particularly the best news for the world. Having failed in their initial mission to prevent the Blood Moon from happening. The Titans now have to find a way to stop Brother Blood from following through with any of his plans. To that end. Connor Kent has found a letter from his late father Lex Luther who provides a way for the Titans to stop Brother Blood. But in order to do so. They have to travel to a small hick town called Caul’s Folly and find an artifact called The Horn. In short, the Titans need to get to the Horn before Brother Blood can.

So while ‘Caul’s Folly’ deals with The Titans going to the small town to look for the Horn. ‘Dick & Carol & Kory’ deals with the Titans trying to break the magical spell that the small town seems to have over them and the local residents. Of course, complicating matters is the fact that Brother Blood now has the Horn. Further complicating things is the fact that Connor Kent continues to distance himself from the Titans and is in danger of going full-on Lex Luther.


The Acting

Although he doesn’t enjoy a massive amount of screen time in these two episodes. Joshua Orpin continues to channel his inner James Dean as we continue to see Connor Kent’s struggles with his sense of identity as he continues to break bad. This leaves Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, and Teagan Croft to do much of the heavy lifting in terms of the story progression as Dick, Kory, and Rachel explore Caul’s Folly and begin to fall prey to its magical effects.

All the actors do pretty solid work in these two episodes and we get some decent guest performances from Joe Pingue as Jacob and Katie Matsell as Megan. Two people that the Titans wind up helping out in a pretty big way.



These two episodes do a pretty solid job of continuing the story arc that was set up in the first half of the season, which ended with the episode Brother Blood. However, we don’t especially have much of an idea of what Brother Blood’s plan is as yet. But I’m pretty sure it will start to take shape in the next few weeks.

Titans (S4 - Eps 7 & 8) - Caul's Folly & Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory
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