In Review: Titans (S4 -EP9) Dude, Where’s My Gar?

Gar finds himself in the company of Freedom Beast as he takes a journey through The Red.

Synopsis: In Dude, Where’s My Gar? Gar finds himself in the company of Freedom Beast as he takes a journey through The Red.


The Story

This week’s episode turns away from the main story arc in order to get to the bottom of the visions that Beast Boy has been having about The Red. In this episode, Gar aka Beast Boy has seemingly traveled through The Red and met up with the mysterious Freedom Beast who winds up mentoring Gar about his true destiny as the new Guardian of The Red, which is the mysterious force that connects all animals and life on Earth. In the episode, Freedom Beast shows Gar how to navigate The Red and even reveals an unknown truth about a certain Dr. Niles Caulder. By the close of the story. Gar has had chance encounters with various characters from the CW’s DC Universe as well as some characters from the DC Cinematic Universe. We also get a neat little cameo from Grant Morrison who is credited with having created the Freedom Beast character in the DC Universe.


The Acting

Nyambi Nyambi puts in a fantastic and charismatic performance as Freedom Beast who is kind of like Gar’s Yoda Figure. Only with a pretty cool South African accent. The chemistry between Ryan Potter who plays Gar and Nyambi was pretty solid throughout the story. I particularly enjoyed the sequence where we see Freedom Beast and Gar raid an animal testing facility where the various animals are being infected with various strains of the Anthrax virus.

Acting wise. Aside from a brief cameo from Brec Bassinger as Star Girl and of course series regular Teagan Croft as Raven. Pretty much most of the episode is focused on Gar learning about The Red from Freedom Beast.



This was a fairly fun episode that kind or explored Gar’s purpose and what his future will likely be once the series draws to a close and he is no longer tied to the Titans. The explanation about The Red is fun to see as it plays out with some fairly cool visuals as we see Gar traverse through it and land at various points in time across the multiverse. It will be fun to see this explored more. But how it links in with the main story arc remains to be seen. But it is teased throughout some of the conversations that happen between Gar and Freedom Beast.

The end of the episode sees Gar reconnect with his Doom Patrol Family but at some stage in the past.

Titans (S4 -EP9) Dude, Where's My Gar?
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