In Review: Titans (S4 – EP6) Brother Blood

As the Blood Moon comes closer. Mother Mayhem must persuade Sebastian to drink some blood and bathe so he can become Brother Blood.
Brother Blood

Synopsis: As the Blood Moon comes closer. Mother Mayhem must persuade Sebastian to drink some blood and bathe so he can become Brother Blood.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Mother Mayhem has taken Sebastion from Kory and Rachel and is now preparing him for a huge ritual of transformation. Meanwhile back at S.T.A.R. Labs Connor has recovered from the curse that Mother Mayhem placed on him, but for some reason the darker side of his nature has come forward, which means that he is acting more like a young Lex Luthor than a young Superman. To that end, he comes up with a way to track what Mother Mayhem is up to by re-arranging some satellites to exact specifications, which is something that Led Luther would have done. The Titans go along with it because Luthors plans when it came to technology had an uncanny habit of always working.

Additionally, Jinx has come up with a plan to snatch Sebastian from Mother Mayhem before he can complete the ritual. A welcome side effect to the plan is that it will allow Rachel to draw her magical abilities back. Only when Connor gets himself captured by Mother Mayhem it throws a spanner in the works and forces the Titans to follow through on their plan regardless of consequence as time is fast running out.


The Acting

Joshua Orpin puts in a great performance as we see Connor Kent break bad and show off his darker and more Lex Luthor side. Connor is pretty much in full-on vengeance mode and wants an eye for an eye. And it looks like Dick (Brenton Thwaites) is not going to be able to talk him down. Likewise, we also get a great performance from Joseph Morgan as we see Sebastian Blood wrestle with the decision to follow through on the ritual that Mother Mayhem wants him to go through so that he can transform into Brother Blood. We get shown a series of flashbacks to Sebastian’s childhood and beyond, which Mother Mayhem uses to convey her point as to why Sebastian needs to go through with the ritual.



This was a fairly enjoyable episode and is likely the mid-season finale until such times as the newer episodes are ready for people to watch. I really enjoyed seeing Connor Kent break bad and lean more into his Lex Luthor side as it is something that we have been waiting quite a while for. I also liked how what Gar is going through with his visions got used in this episode. Although we are all still in the dark as to what it all means as yet.

Overall. A fun episode, which will have to hold us over until newer episodes get released. Which will probably be in 2003.


Titans (S4 - EP6) Brother Blood
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