In Review: Titans (S4 – EP4) Super Super Mart

Rachel develops a bond with Sebastian and makes an unsettling discovery that leads the Titans to The Organization’s Asylum
Super Mart

Synopsis: In Super Super Mart, Rachel develops a bond with Sebastian and makes an unsettling discovery that leads the Titans to The Organization’s Asylum – where they come face-to-face with their deadliest foes yet.


The Story

Having nabbed Sebastion Blood from the Police in last week’s show. The Titans hit the road while trying to figure out why Mother Mayhem was after Sebastion. As they slowly learn more they wind up at a Super Super Mart, which is where The Organization’s Asylum used to be located. The Organization is a cult of magic users that was set up by Rachel Roth aka Raven’s father Trigon back in the day. While the Titans and Sebastion are making these connections we get to see Mother Mayhems’ backstory and find out that she is Sebastion Blood’s mother. This means that his father is Trigon, which means he is Ravan’s Brother.

As the Titans try to escape the Asylum, which is under the Super Super Mart. They get attacked by zombies and also have to deal with Zombie Deathstroke. There’s a quite funny moment here where Jinx manages to use her magic to temporarily incapacitate Deathstroke and says to Dick that she needs some time to recharge, which sees Dick ask, “What the f###### Hell are you. An i=Phone 7?”


The Acting

Teagan Croft is really good in this episode as we see Rachel slowly figure out what is going on with Joseph Morgan’s Sebastion Blood and how it all connects to her past and her family connections. We also get another fun performance from Lisa Ambalavanar as Jinx who I hope gets to stick around for a while as she is a breath of fresh air to the team.

Franka Potente is once again great as Mother Mayhem and manages to provide really intense and manic facial expressions that would give Scooby-Doo the willies.



Super Super Mart is most likely a key episode to the season’s story arc. I thought the flashbacks did a great job of slowly revealing Mother Mayhems’ connection to Sebastion Blood. I also loved the battle between the Titans and zombie Deathstroke towards the close of the episode.

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