In Review: Titans (S4 – EP3) – Jinx

With Rachel left powerless, Dick turns to Jinx whose magic could be of help in identifying their mysterious enemy.

Synopsis: With Rachel left powerless, Dick turns to Jinx whose magic could be of help in identifying their mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Conner and Tim investigate attack victims, and Sebastian finds himself at the center of an eerie plot.


The Story

Having got their butts well and truly kicked in last week’s episode by Mother Mayhem. The Titans find that Rachel has lost all of her powers and needs some supernatural help in order to figure out who they are up against. To that end, Dick and Kory head to the jail in order to get help from Jinx. But as they are about to take her into their custody Jinx manages to escape, which forces Dick and Kory to track her down. When they do they find that she is looking to steal a mysterious box that contains a heart. But when Kory opens the box she is turned to stone. Now Dick has to go with Jinx to a group of Elves to return the box and its contents to their leader as Dick is led to believe that the elf leader is the only one that can break the spell on Kory.

Meanwhile, at S.T.A.R.L.A.B.S Connor and Tim are working to find some sort of way in which two recent attack victims are connected. As they dig deeper they learn that the victims had some rare blood traits which seem to be what Mother Mayhem is targeting. Upon further investigation, they figure out that Mother Mayhem is after Sebastian Blood who has the same kind of blood as the previous two victims. 

Elsewhere, Rachel is starting to come to terms with the fact that she has no powers and is intrigued by how different she feels without the empathic powers that she has been burdened with. Added to this. Gar has started having strange visions, which he thinks are coming from other skinwalkers who are trying to tell him something. He shares this information with Rachel and they both work to try and figure out if there is some kind of connection between the skinwalkers and recent events.



Franka Potente continues to be an imposing villain as Mother Mayhem and has some great material to work with here. I loved the scene where she phoned Sebastian Blood and impersonated the software developer CEO to lure him into her trap. It was particularly creepy seeing her speak with a masculine voice.

We get good performances from Ryan Potter and Teagan Croft as we see Gar and Rachel try and figure out his visions. These two actors have been working together since the series started and have always worked well together. So their scenes are always fun to see.

The surprise package is Lisa Ambalavanar Jinx who seems to be a rather fun and mischievous character. I look forward to seeing how her character develops in the coming weeks.



This was a pretty solid episode, which builds on the storyline that began last week. I’m particularly enjoying the fact that Dick feels so out of his depth when it comes to the Supernatural, which is something we saw a fair bit of in the first season. I also like the fact that the show has returned some attention to both Gar and Rachel who I feel got a bit neglected in recent years.

Titans (S4 - EP3) - Jinx
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