In Review: Titans (S4 – EP11) – Project Starfire

An unexpected reunion sheds light on Project Starfire

Synopsis: An unexpected reunion sheds light on Project Starfire, forcing Kory to make a difficult decision that puts her powers to the ultimate test.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week the team’s search for Brother Blood aka Sebastian Blood has stalled due to Sebastian now laying low with Connor Kent. Meanwhile, Kory is having some dreams, which inform her that she is the only person that can stop Brother Blood and ultimately defeat Trigon, but it would likely take all her power as well as her life. Armed with this information Kory is spurred on to investigate further and seeks out Mercy Graves.

Meanwhile, Tim Drake is a bit preoccupied with the fate of his boyfriend who got zapped by the Brother Bloods game in last week’s show. Dick uses Tim’s preoccupation as a means of helping him continue his training and sends him on a mission to Gotham in order to gain intel from a source. However, we soon learn that this is a ruse to get Tim some alternative training from Jason Todd aka Redhood.

Having caught up with Starfire. Dick and the team learn that Lex Luther was trying to replicate Meta-Human powers and had created a device to replicate Starfire powers for use on Brother Blood. As Starfire and Dick head to Luther’s lab in order to find the device and figure out how it works. They meet up with Connor Kent who has come to the realization that he cannot stop Brother Blood on his own and needs to rejoin the Titans.


The Acting



This episode sees the welcome return of Curran Walters as Jason Todd who has a really fun chemistry with Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake. The scenes in which we see Jason train Tim are packed with some quippy one-liners and solid fight choreography. In short, these two actors work really well together and the relationship that develops felt very believable as the two gain respect for each other. Hopefully, we’ll get to see these two actors work together again before the series concludes.

Anna Diop does a great job with Kory’s reaction to her dreams and the subsequent events that they lead to. I thought the scene where Kory and Connor worked to charge the Starfire Orb was brilliantly done as we saw Kory wanting to push as far as she could despite the consequences.



This penultimate episode does a fantastic job of setting things up for next week’s finale, which looks like it could well be a rather spectacular end to a series that has had somewhat of a bumpy road. Brother Blood is looking to be one of the most dangerous foes to go up against the Titans and I look forward to seeing how it all pans out in the end.

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