In Review: Titans (S3 – EP8) Home

Dick Grayson gets a visit from Tim Drake who reveals how much he knows about Batman and The Titans.

Synopsis: Dick Grayson gets a visit from Tim Drake who reveals how much he knows about Batman and The Titans. Meanwhile, Jason Todd is beginning to feel remorseful for his actions and wants to go home.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Gar has paid a visit to Molly to ask her help in tracking down Jason Todd. Meanwhile, a remorseful Jason Todd is on the outs with Jonathan Crane and is wanting to try and come home. Additionally, Dick has had a visit from Tim Drake who knows about Batman and The Titans but also gives Dick a tip-off to where Jason maybe.

Back at Wayne Manor. Blackfire and Superboy are having some recreational fun when they get interrupted by Starfire who is still having mysterious visions.


The Acting

Joshua Orpin and Damaris Lewis continue to sell us a pretty fun relationship between Connor Kent and Blackfire. It’s a relationship that works pretty well given that both their characters are sort of the black sheep in the pack. I particularly found it amusing when Starfire walked in on them while they were in bed together. Luckily for them, she was in a trance. Anna Diop continues to do the zoning out thing pretty well. As we see Starfire go into several trances in this episode.

The two best performances pretty much came from Vincent Kartheiser and Curran Walters as Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow and Jason Todd/Red Hood. The scene where Crane goes to visit his mum was pretty powerful. Whereas Jason Todd’s scenes with both Dick Grayson and Tim Drake were pretty strong as well.



Although Home is pretty much a holding episode in that it fills a bit of space in the schedule before hitting the final couple of episodes. It was a really good episode for character development. Especially where it came to rounding out Jason Todd’s story. I really enjoyed seeing Tim Drake get more to do because up until this point. We’ve only really seen him in the opening episode. So it’s good that they brought him back. Especially given that he will become the third Robin to Batman. If ever Batman Returns.

Overall. A pretty solid hour that is looking to set up Jason Todd’s redemption arc.

Titans (S3 - EP8) Home
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