In Review: Titans (S3 – EP7) 51%

Gotham’s crime families meet to discuss the fear toxin’s hold on the city - only to be confronted by the mastermind himself.

Synopsis: This week on Titans Gotham’s crime families meet to discuss the fear toxin’s hold on the city – only to be confronted by the mastermind himself. As Dick and Barbara consult the Oracle to preempt Crane’s next move, Starfire and Blackfire reach an understanding.


The Story

Having gone out on his own in last week’s episode. Jason Todd finds that his efforts are not rewarded when Crane incapacitates him. With Jason tied up. Crane proceeds to take a meeting with Gotham’s mob bosses and manages to get them all on side with his scheme.

Meanwhile, Dick and Barbara decide to use Oracle to try and pre-empt Crane’s next move. But things go pear-shaped when they realize that Crana has hacked Oracle. Now, with no alternative but to try and track Crane through good old-fashioned investigative work. Dick and Barbara figure out that Crane needs lots of electricity to make his product.

Elsewhere, Starfire and Blackfire go to meet with one of the mobsters to try and broker a deal for the whereabouts of Crane. Meanwhile, Gar finds Jason’s stash and looks to try and help his friend by going to see Molly.


The Acting

Anna Diop and Damaris Lewis get some great scenes as Starfire and Blackfire who finally get to sort out their issues. I loved the moment where Blackfire suits up for the first time and the little flirtation she has with Superboy.  Also, Brenton Thwaites and Savannah Welch had some nice scenes where they get to do some proper investigating. The scene at the close where the Titans celebrate was nice to see.

Vincent Kartheiser and Curran Walters also share some great scenes. The moment at the start where Crane lures Jason into thinking he is not going to face consequences for his actions was brilliantly done. But my favorite moment is watching Crane’s disappointment when he sees his entire operation tore down. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this shakes loose in next week’s show.



This was another fun episode in which we start to see the team coming together again. But there are still a few secrets to be revealed. Especially when it comes to how Gar is trying to help Jason, but going behind the team’s back to do so. I really loved seeing Blackfire’s transformation and the prideful smile that she and Starfire both share as the sisters come together.


Titans (S3 - EP7) 51%
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