In Review: Titans (S3 – EP6) Lady Vic

Titans introduces Lady Vic
Lady Vic

Synopsis: Crane enlists the help of lethal assassin Lady Vic, who has a troubled history with Dick and Barbara. Meanwhile, Kory and Gar bring Blackfire back to Wayne Manor.


The Story

Having returned from trying to capture both Crane and Red Hood. Dick is read the riot act by Starfire and Gar for going off on his own. Meanwhile, a new problem has entered Gotham in the form of Lady Vic who is under the employ of Crane. With Jason getting a bit big for his boots in his new guise as Red Hood. Crane has brought Lady Vic in to show Jason that he is expendable.

As the episode progresses we get shows a series of flashbacks involving Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon and what they got up to before Barbara became a cop. We learn that Barbara and Dick got into a touch of cat burglary and it was on one of their escapades where they met Lady Vic who was looking to steal the same thing. A fight broke out and Lady Vic’s boyfriend got killed. By the close of the episode, Lady Vic has made one attempt on Barbara’s life and is looking to try again with Crane’s help.

Meanwhile, back at Wayne Manor. Starfire and Gar have just introduced Blackfire to Superboy and the two seem to find a bond. While Dick is working the case with Gar to try and track down Crane. Starfire takes Superboy and Blackfire with her to look into how and where Crane is getting his chemicals from to make his drugs.

Elsewhere, a somewhat pissed-off Jason Todd has taken a few inhalers of Cranes drug and given them out to some street thugs. His plan seems to be to let the thugs go on a crime spree and then go after them.


The Acting


Lady Vic slays two cops as she prepares to enter Gotham City.


Kimberly-Sue Murray makes an immediate impact as Lady Vic as we see her stalk her targets before viciously murdering them. Murray manages to pull off the cold-bloodedness of  Lady Vic and has some great scenes. Once again Damaris Lewis adds a bit of sass to the pot as she continually rubs Starfire (Anna Diop) the wrong way.

We also get some great performances from Brenton Thwaites and Savannah Welch as we see the origins of Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon’s relationship.



A truly enjoyable episode with a great introduction for Lady Vic. I really enjoyed the exploration of Dick and Barbara’s relationship as well as the scene with Blackfire and Superboy bonding over their similarities to each other. If I have any criticism of this season thus far. It is that most of the attention seems to have been on Nightwing. I’d really like to see Gar and Superboy get spotlighted a bit more. At present, it feels like they are more of a support act for Nightwing and Starfire.

Titans (S3 - EP6) Lady Vic
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