In Review: Titans (S3 – EP5) Lazarus

Set in the aftermath of Redhood's fight with Nightwing from last week's episode. Lazarus gives us the entire Redhood origin story

Synopsis: Set in the aftermath of Redhood’s fight with Nightwing from last week’s episode. Lazarus gives us the entire Redhood origin story through flashbacks.


The Story

After the fight between Nightwing and Redhood, which took place in last week’s show. We learn that Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow is partly responsible for the creation of Redhood. Through a series of flashbacks. We learn that Jason Todd was having nightmares after his return to Gotham from working with the Titans. Out of concern Bruce Wayne grounds Jason from being Robin and sends him to renowned Psychologist Lesley Thompkins. Over time it looks like progress is being made. But then Bruce tells Jason that he no longer wants him to be Robin. Pissed off about this Jason goes to see Jonathan Crane and asks him to concoct a drug to make him fearless. Once he has the potion. Jason goes out to face The Joker knowing that it will mean death. But thanks to a Lazarus pool within Arkham. Jonathan Crane is able to bring Jason back to life.


The Acting

Curran Walters puts in a fantastic performance as much of this episode is carried on his shoulders. As his character of Jason Todd aka Redhood gets spotlighted and truly explored. Indeed, the episode picks up on Jason’s near-death experience when he was Robin and uses that as the premise of his nightmares. The scenes between Jason and Lesley Thompkins are brilliantly acted. But its the scene between Jason and Bruce Wayne (Iain Glen) that triggers Jason’s descent into ultimately seeking Jonathan Crane’s help.

Once again Vincent Kartheiser knocks it out of the park as he gets to show us a few more layers of Jonathan Crane.



Lazarus does a great job of showing us a solid origin story for Redhood. The acting performances are some of the best that I have seen on this show. Curran Walters does a solid job of showing us Jason Todd’s journey. The scene between him and Iain Glen when they visit the spot where Bruce Wayne lost his parents is nicely done.

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