In Review: Titans (S3 – EP11) The Call Is Coming From Inside the House

Having taken over Gotham in last week's show. Crane has now taken up residence in Wayne Manor and has found the Bat Cave.

Synopsis: The Call Is Coming From Inside The House sees  Crane sets his sights on Nightwing. While Gar and Rachel investigate Red Hood’s place of rebirth, Donna and Tim reconnect in the real world.


The Story

Having taken over Gotham in last week’s show. Crane has now taken up residence in Wayne Manor and has found the Bat Cave. Having read the psych profile that Bruce Wayne has created about him. Crane goes on a bit of a bender. Meanwhile, Dick and Connor are in hiding and are trying to figure out a way to take back the city. However, when Red Hood calls Dick out for a meeting at midnight. Dick decides to sideline Connor and go it alone.

Elsewhere in the city. Tim Drake who is now out of hospital after having been shot reconnects with Donna Troy and the pair make plans to lead Gotham’s remaining holdouts in a campaign to take back the city. Elsewhere, Gar and Rachel have found the Lazarus pit. And Starfire has learned that her powers were never hers, to begin with.


The Acting

Ryan Potter and Teagan Croft put in great performances as Gar and Rachel. It was nice to see the two sharing scenes together again. Especially given that they are two of the characters that this show began life with. Brenton Thwaites is solid as Dick Grayson, but the trope of Dick sidelining his team and going off on his own is getting a bit overused at this point in the show. But the fight scene between Dick and Red Hood (Curran Walters) has a pretty good build-up.

A highlight of this episode for me was when Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo) and Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) reconnect. I loved the scene where Tim shows Donna his lair and all the technologies that he has pieced together to keep track of the Titans.



The Call Is Coming From Inside The House is most likely the key episode that will eventually bring the Titans back together. However, it does leave Nightwing in a pretty precarious situation, which I reckon he brought on his self by refusing Connor’s help and tranching him and Krypto with kryptonite. Quite frankly, I think Dick is a bit of a bellend in this episode given how he treats Connor.

It’s going to be interesting to see how all of this will develop in next week’s episode. As we see a few seeds sewn in this episode that will likely get paid off in next week’s show. An example of that being Gar and Rachel’s discovery of the Lazarus pit. As well as Tim and Donna’s plans to unite the remaining sane people of Gotham. Overall The Call Is Coming From Inside The House will ultimately lead to reuniting the house of the Titans.

Titans (S3 - EP11) The Call Is Coming From Inside the House
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