In Review: Titans (S3 – EP10) Game Over

Connor Kent has teamed up with Sebastian Blood on the development of a game.

Synopsis: Connor Kent has teamed up with Sebastian Blood on the development of a game. Meanwhile Dick and Raven look to use some black magic in order to take Sebastian Blood’s power from him.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Gar aka Beast Boy has found out that the late Dr. Calder who looked after him and the Doom Patrol was responsible for the death of his parents. While trying to get out of the alt-universe known as The Red. Gar has found himself trapped in a construct of his old home with the Doom Patrol and has to figure out a way to get out and return to the present. Thankfully he has a bit of help from his former Doom Patrol friends as well as some help from Kory aka Starfire who has been looking for him.

Meanwhile in the present. Connor Kent has gained the trust of Sebastian Blood and convinced him to work with him to try and make the world better instead of working with Mother Mayhem to help resurrect Trigun. Sebastian agrees to work with Connor and the two develop a computer game in hopes of it helping Lexcorp develop in international markets. However, Sebastian cannot resist boosting the game with some of his magic, which makes it addictive to the point where it is killing people and giving Sebastian’s powers a boost whenever someone dies as he gains a bit of their life force.

Elsewhere, Dick has come up with a plan to use black magic in order to stop Sebastian Blood and Mother Mayhem. Dick’s idea is to exploit Raven’s familial connection to Sebastion and use it in a magical ritual to strip him of his power and get Rachel her powers back.


The Acting

Joshua Orpin and Joseph Morgan are absolutely brilliant in this episode as we see Connor Kent strike up somewhat of a delicate bond with Sebastian Blood. Morgan’s portrayal of Blood throughout this season has been brilliant, but this episode in particular adds some more layers to the character. It also shows how Sebastian’s hunger can never really truly be satiated, which is demonstrated when we see him getting rather happy each and every time his game takes another life. The scene where Sebastian explains that no one should be left out of the game while scrolling through a database of children is particularly chilling.

We get some fun and comedic stuff from Anna Diop and Ryan Potter as we see Kory and Gar play a series of fun scenes alongside the Doom Patrol in order to find a way out of The Red. The scene where they are all playing tennis is particularly funny.



This was a fun episode, which serves to slowly bring the Titans back together again as a group in order to stop Mother Mayhem and Sebastian Blood from resurrecting Trigon. The Plot device of a computer game that people get addicted to is kind of an old one now. But this episode manages to freshen it up a little by adding some magic to the equation. I also liked the conversation between Dick and Raven when Dick broached the subject of using Magic with her. She says there will be a price. Having a cost for the use of magic in any plot always makes sense as it not only puts limits on things, but it also adds to the dramatic tension as we are not always aware of what the cost will be or who it might affect.

With only two episodes left to go. I look forward to seeing how all of this gets tied up.

Titans (S3 - EP10) Game Over
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