In Review: Titans – Rose

Dick is hard at work training Rachel, Gar & Jason in Titans Tower. Elsewhere, the other titans attempt the next phase of their lives.

Synopsis: Dick is hard at work training Rachel, Gar & Jason in Titans Tower. Elsewhere, the other titans attempt the next phase of their lives.

Review: This episode sets up a promising beginning for the new season.

The Story

About three months have passed since the Titans defeated Trigon. Dick is busy training Rachel, Far and Jason in order to teach them how they can back each other up. Hawk and Dove are trying to make a new life for themselves in Wyoming, but Dove is struggling with a quiet life.

Donna and Kory are working together as vigilantes and are on a staking out a meta-human called Shimmers.

All of this gets disturbed when Doctor Light breaks out of prison and makes his presence known. Additionally, a mysterious young woman makes an appearance and is seemingly on the run from something. Dick takes her under his wing and offers her a second chance with the Titans, but the identity of her father could well prove to be an issue.

The Acting

Brenton Thwaites steps up his as Dick Grayson goes from a dark and cynical character to more of a mentor figure for his young charges. He has a really nice scene with Iain Glen who is giving us a pretty good portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

I also enjoyed the chemistry between  Anna Diop and Conor Leslie in their respective roles of Kory and Donna. The banter between them is a lot of fun.


I really enjoyed this episode. It seems that the writers are lightening the tone a tad now that all our characters are beginning to figure out who they are and what their purpose is.

We get some nice moments between Jason, Gar, and Rachel as they slowly gel together as a team, which of course has them all going behind Dick’s back to doing a little investigating of their own to find out who the mystery new girl is, which is a fun thing given her relation to this year’s main villain.

Overall. A good start with plenty of plot threads and storylines to keep us all guessing.

Titans - Rose
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