In Review: Titans – Jason Todd

The two Robins meet.

Synopsis: Dick and the new Robin, Jason Todd, team up to track down the man who is killing off Dick’s old circus friends.

Review: Dick gets to work with the new Robin aka Jason Todd and together they investigate the mysterious deaths of some of Dicks old friends from his Circus days.

The Story

Picking up from last week. Dick has just met Jason Todd and the two form an uneasy work relationship.

The opening moments of this episode are set in Dicks past. We see Dick at the funeral of his parents with a few close friends from the circus. Clayton Williams the circus strongman tells Dick that he is handing him over to Bruce Wayne in order to give him the best chance at life.

The story then returns to the present with Dick and Jason accessing one of Bruce Waynes many safe houses. Dick learns about the fate of his Circus friends and finds out that whoever is going after them hasn’t gotten to Clayton yet.

From that point on. The episode is about Dicks efforts to get to Clayton before the killer does.

The Acting

Brenton Thwaites puts in a solid performance in this episode and the scenes he shares with Jason Todd who is played by Curran Walters are a lot of fun and spoon feed us so much backstory as to way Dick quit working with Batman. Walters has a fantastic scene toward the end of the episode when he confronts Dick with a few home truths. Could this be what spurs Dick into shedding the Robin costume and swapping it for Nightwing? I guess we shall have to wait and see.


A solid outing, which showed us the two robins working together. I really enjoyed the piece of piano music played at the funeral in the opening moments of the episode. We got some fantastic fight choreography and some really fun character moments.

Due to Jason Todd being in this episode we didn’t really get to see too much of Starfire, Raven or Beast Boy. Hopefully, that will be addressed in next weeks episode, which looks like it could be quite interesting.

Titans - Jason Todd
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