In Review: Titans – Hawk and Dove

In search of a safe haven for Rachel, Dick arrives on the doorstep of vigilante heroes, Hawk and Dove.

Synopsis: In search of a safe haven for Rachel, Dick arrives on the doorstep of vigilante heroes, Hawk and Dove.

Review: This episode introduces us to Hawk and Dove who are probably two of the best-dressed superheroes in the series.

The Story

Things open up with Hawk in trouble and about to be tortured only to be saved by Dove. We then get to see their domestic situation and a brief conversation between the two vigilantes who are talking about hanging their capes up. Dove is treating himself for hip pain. He desperately needs a hip replacement but is getting by on injections.

We then get a brief flashback scene in which Hawk and Dove are working with Robin. This is likely roughly the time in which Dick is starting to have trouble in his relationship with the Batman. He is out on his own and both Hawk and Dove do comment about it.

The opening credits roll and then we get a brief scene in which Dick is asking Raven about whether she has killed before with her powers. He has figured out that her powers are triggered by fear and tells her that there is not always a reason to be afraid.  Dick then makes arrangements with Hawk and Dove to take him and Raven in for a while. So she can lay low and they can figure out how best to help her.

While staying at the motel Raven does a google search for her civilian name of Rachel Roth and a fear response is triggered when she has a brief hallucination. Little do they know that sleeper agents have been triggered to hunt Raven down, but we do not know why as yet.

Pretty much from the moment Dick and Rachel turn up on Hawk and Dove’s doorstep. We fast learn of the past history between the three former Teen Titans.

To say that the relationships in this episode would be an understatement. If I say anymore. It will just spoil the episode.

This continues to be a darker take on the Dick Grayson character, but it seems to work for this storyline. Raven continues to be a fascinating character and she gets a fair bit to play within this episode.

The Acting

Minka Kelly puts in a solid performance as Dove aka Dawn Granger and the scenes she shares with Dick provide us with a little backstory. I also loved the fact that Dove hits it off pretty quickly with Raven. The actors playing the nuclear family who is sent after Raven are fully invested in their roles. The switch from their ordinary family life to being activated as sleeper agents was extremely efficient. This family are stone cold killers. You get the sense that they enjoy it.


A solid episode with some strong character beats. The pacing was a tad on the slow side but had it been any quicker than this. It would have likely canceled out some of the fantastic character beats.

As for Dick Grayson. Hawk pretty much hit the nail on the head. Dick has pretty much stepped over the line when it comes to taking on criminals. You can see why he no longer works with Batman. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I am actually wondering what it is that has driven Dick Grayson to use such deadly force.

The background music continues to impress with some really interesting sounds put to good use.

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