In Review: Titans – Fallen

Things seem to be getting worse for the Titans, and things always tend to get worse before they can get better. 

Synopsis: After his intentional attack on two police officers results in his arrest, Dick finally finds peace in a Nevada prison. But the hero he’s left behind has not been buried forever.

Review: Things seem to be getting worse for the Titans, and things always tend to get worse before they can get better.

The Story

Picking things up from where last week left off. Dick is now incarcerated in a Nevada Prison, but the hero inside of him cannot be kept down for too long. Especially when it comes to making friends and choosing his battles.

Elsewhere Connor is facing the consequences of his actions and has sent Krypto away so he can brood about his error in taking on the city police and exposing himself to being captured once again by Mercy Graves. Krypto hasn’t given up on Connor and goes directly to Titan towers to enlist some help from Beast Boy in order to try and talk Connor round to the dream of being a Titan.

Meanwhile, Rachel befriends a runaway girl and looks after her, but she soon learns that her powers may not be fully under her control.

With subject 13 on the radar once again. Mercy Graves sets her sights on bringing him in, but Gar finds himself caught in the crossfire.

The Acting

Brenton Thwaites turns his brooding factor up to the max as he sulks around the Prison waiting for his moment to become the more heroic Dick Grayson. Thankfully the wait is not too long, but the pay off proves to be a little disappointing.

The best performance in this episode comes from Ryan Potter in his role of Gar. He has more great scenes with newcomer Joshua Orpin who gives Thwaites some serious competition in the Titans epic brooding competition. The scene where Gar is talking Connor into joining the team are the most fun this episode had.


There was nothing amazingly special about this episode except a few interesting character beats and a somewhat mediocre fight scene toward the close of the story. Overall this is an example of the writers treading some water for a while until they can advance the plot a little more. This said there is some strong hints that when they do reteam. The Titans will not only have to deal with Deathstroke but may also have to deal with Cadmus Industries and Mercy Graves as well.

Titans - Fallen
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