In Review: Titans – Connor

This episode gives us a Superhero cute meet, which is cut rather short.

Synopsis: Connor Kent and Krypto escape from Cadmus Labs. His search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor and genetic scientist Dr. Eve Watson.

Review: This is a really strong episode with some very strong acting performances, but it also gives us a superhero cute meet, which is cut dramatically short.

The Story

The final few moments of last week’s episode are replayed as we see Jason Todd’s Robin fall out of a building but by mid-fall, the scene suddenly shifts to Connor Kent escaping from Cadmus labs with Krypto.

As the story unfolds we see Connor trying to figure out who he is and this journey leads him to the small town of Smallville in Kansas where he has a meeting with Lionel Luther, who is not as evil as the version of the character that we met in the series Smallville. Connor stays with Lionel for a while as he learns a little about Lex Luthor from the older man, but Connor’s personal flashbacks show us Lionel beating him or would that be Lex? However before we can get to the bottom of this Mercy Graves and her private security catch up with Connor and attempt to take him out, but ultimately fail, which allows Connor the opportunity to get to know Dr. Eve Watson, who ultimately gave Lex Luthor the formula with which to create Connor, who is a near-perfect clone of Superman.

The Acting

Joshua Orpin puts in a wonderful performance as Connor Kent, who is barely a day old as he escapes Cadmus labs and finds himself learning about the social mores of humanity rather quickly. But his knowledge gets a boost from his interactions with Dr. Eve Watson and the somewhat messed up Lionel Luthor, who is full of remorse for not having been able to teach his son Lex Luthor about right and wrong.

I was also impressed by Genevieve Angelson who put in a great performance as Eve Watson, who is a character that does not like herself very much and seems to be seeking some form of redemption through Connor.


I really enjoyed this episode and loved how it was bookended with Superboy coming to the aid of Robin at the very last minute. I felt the origin story was dealt with really well and with it not being the Superman origin, which we have seen over and over again. It felt so much fresher.

I look forward to seeing how Superboy or Connor Ken adapts to life with the Titans in the weeks and months to come.

Overall. A really enjoyable episode. I really loved the cute meeting between Superboy and Robin at the close of the episode.

Titans - Connor
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