In Review: Titans – Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne channels his best Jiminy Cricket by offering guidance to a Lost Dick Grayson

Synopsis: As Dick sets out alone to track down Deathstroke, a familiar voice begins to haunt him – taunting him and attempting to guide him back to being the leader the Titans need.

Review: The truth will set Dick Free otherwise known as Free Willy. Joking aside this episode deals heavily with Dick’s guilt and remorse in that it gets right to the heart of the issue that is preventing him from being an effective leader.

The Story

Having saved Jason Todd from death only to find himself getting shot. Connor is laying in a bed within Titan Towers and Kori is doing all she can to save him. Meanwhile, the other older members of the team are dealing with the aftermath of events in their own ways, but someone is planting objects within plain view to remind them of times past.

Elsewhere, Jason Todd is dealing with the aftermath of being thrown from a building and very nearly dying and without no one available to help him through and offer guidance. He is close to self-destruction.

Meanwhile, Dick Grayson, who is wracked with guilt over starting the conflict between the Titans and Deathstroke has gone off on his own to try and track Deathstroke down, but he is also being guided by the voice of Bruce Wayne, who is pretty much telling Dick to get real and take responsibility for his actions and be the leader that the team deserves.

The Acting

Iain Glen puts in a really solid performance as Bruce Wayne who is sort of channeling the role of Jiminy Cricket to Dick Grayson’s Pinocchio. I mean Dick has been hiding a lie of omission to his entire team and it is eating him up inside and alienating his team from him. Although Glen is kind of on the older side to be playing Bruce Wayne. I can’t really see a younger actor pulling off some of the pure sarcasm and wit with which Bruce extols his worldly wisdom upon Dick who wants to hear much of what is said like a hole in the head.

Out the younger cast members. It is Curran Walters as Jason Todd and Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson that impress the most and have a great scene together where the two very damaged personalities of Jason and Rose bond with each other. Jason is still messed up from his close brush with death and is beginning to blame himself for everything that has gone wrong. Walter’s conveys the sense of hopelessness brilliantly to a point where you are able to empathize with him a little.


This was an okay episode, which was very driven by character development for Jason Todd and Dick Grayson who have very similar issues. But it did drag a little to a point where I was wondering if I was in a coma or having some sort of trippy dream.

Thankfully there was a moment of fun in which we see Dr. Even release Krypto from his pen and he flys straight out the window to reunite her with Connor who happens to need the power of an entire sun to get the kryptonite out of his system. Thank god for Kori and the fact that she is Starfire.

Overall. Good but not great. I’d like to see a bit more action in next weeks installment and a lot less emotional baggage.

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