In Review: Titans – Atonement

In the aftermath of Dick’s confession, the Titans’ world is rocked to the core

Synopsis: In the aftermath of Dick’s confession, the Titans’ world is rocked to the core – and Dick’s fear that his secret would break up the Titans comes true.

Review: This episode is a bit of a drag due to the fact that the Titans wind up splitting up and the world seems just as bad without them as if does when they are in it.

The Story

Dick tells the others the truth about how Jericho died only to have them all walk out on him. All with the exception of Garth who stays at Titans Tower in order to look after a recovering superboy. Hank and Dawn return to Wyoming, Jason and Rose leave together, and Donna agrees to take Rachel with her. Kori has to leave due to trouble from her home planet.  For his part, Dick leaves and seeks forgiveness from Jericho’s mother, but soon finds out that there is no coming back from what he has done.

The Acting

We get a few great performances in this episode, but for me, the standout comes from Ryan Potter for his portrayal of Garth. His character has been somewhat underserved thus far this series. So it was great to see him get some time in the sun. In the episode, Garth is left on his own to look after Titan Towers and watch over Coner AKA Superboy. I loved the few days we get of him recording his Captain’s log as the routine gradually becomes more and more monotonous until the point where Conner wakes up.

I was also impressed by Anna Diop and her reaction as Kori to the news that her sister Blackfire has taken over her planet and has sent people to kill her. This is a plot thread that could prove interesting as the series develops.


Although this episode was very light on action. It did have a lot of character development for Dick, Garth, and Kori and also saw Hawk and Dove decide to split after they were held to account for past actions. Overall this was pretty much mostly character development. The only action being Superboy laying waste to a bunch of police cruisers when he mistakenly things a police officer is in the wrong for roughing up a felon.

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