In Review: Timeless – The World’s Columbian Exposition

Lucy's situation grows desperate after she's taken by Flynn and brought to 1883 Chicago World's Fair.

Synopsis: Lucy’s situation grows desperate after she’s taken by Flynn and brought to 1883 Chicago World’s Fair. In their dogged pursuit of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus fall into a sinister trap.

Review: Timeless returns and picks things right up from where we left off.

Flynn has taken lucy after her refusing to allow him to kill the younger Rittenhouse and Rufus and Wyatt are prepared to do just about anything to get her back, which includes Rufus telling Rittenhouse where to stick it.

This week’s historical figures include a young Houdini and Americas first serial killer H.H. Holmes.

This episode further bonds the trio of heroes together and gives Lucy the opportunity to save the lives of both Wyatt and Rufus with a little help from her new escapologist friend. Of course she first has to break away from Flynn, but anythings possible when you have Houdini on your side.

The setting of the Chicago Worlds Fair was a nice touch and  Flynn’s diabolical plan to redirect Rufus and Wyatt to the hotel run by H.H. Holmes was a nice move.

Joel Johnstone was satisfyingly sinister as H.H. Holmes when he finally revealed himself and Michael Drayer played well off of Abigail Spencer’s Lucy as Harry Houdini. 

Other notable figures from history, but in smaller roles were Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Roosevelt and J.P. Morgan. A bulk of the episodes heavy lifting was done by Houdini. In fact the only person missing from this story was Arthur Conan Doyle, but perhaps that would have been a step to far and a little but tacky given the Holmes connection, which interestingly got a backhanded reference in the penultimate episode of Sherlock.

Timeless continues to deliver satisfyingly pulpy story lines. Sure it takes liberties with the science and history and the continued Rittenhouse conspiracy is keeping things interesting on a slightly deeper level.

Timeless - The World's Columbian Exposition
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