In Review: Timeless – The Watergate Tape

The mystery behind the greatest political scandal of the 20th century is finally solved

Synopsis: The mystery behind the greatest political scandal of the 20th century is finally solved when Flynn beats our team to the punch in Richard Nixon’s Washington. While Rufus and Lucy are set on an investigative course that leave them both rattled to the core, Wyatt’s tragic past erupts and the secrecy behind Flynn’s hidden agenda begins to unravel.

Review: Some of the threads to the Rittenhouse conspiracy begin to unravel as it is revealed that Rittenhouse was mentioned several times on the mysterious missing Watergate Tape, which was never found.

Flynn has the tape and kidnaps Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus, but lets Rufus and Lucy go to find the mentioned document concerning Rittenhouse, which is mentioned on the tape. Rufus is still struggling with his task of spying on the team for Rittenhouse and as his and Lucy’s investigations collide he has to own up to both Lucy and Wyatt.

The story takes on a number of twists and turns and involved not only Rittenhouse, but also involves the Black Panthers to. Rufus infiltrating them with the cover name of Kenya was a bit of a giggle to be sure as he gets totally ridiculed by the Panthers who believe him to be a fed.

The investigation leads both Lucy and Rufus to a Doctor of History who as it happens studied at the same university and had the same teacher as Lucy. Apparently this Doctor holds information that threatens Rittenhouse, but we never learn what it is. At this point Lucy and Rufus use this woman as a means to playing off Rittenhouse against Flynn and his men. A move, which ultimately allows them to get Wayatt and get the Doctor to safety.

Now that the secrets are out of the bag Wyatt is not happy that Rufus and Lucy kept secrets from him, but remains on board out obligation and tells Rufus to carry on spying on them as normal until they can figure out what is going on.

In the closing moments back in the 21st century Rufus is riding in a car with both Connor Mason and the Rittenhouse guy. The Rittenhouse guy suspects Rufus is withholding information, but has no proof. But basically Rufus is going to have to tread carefully given that Rittenhouse has threatened his family and the nice home that they live in.

At the close of the episode Lucy finally plucks up the courage to go see the father that she never new and it turns out to be the Rittenhouse guy. She promptly makes an excuses herself saying it was a mistake.

Using Watergate in conjunction with the whole Rittenhouse conspiracy was really a good move and worked well. I particularly enjoyed the grilling that Flynn gives to Wyatt using Lucy’s as yet unwritten diary, which he has gotten from the future.  It is beginning to look like Flynn does have a genuine reason for his time travel adventures and I’m beginning to wonder if Lucy and the others might eventually wind up siding with him given that they all seem to be getting shafted one way or another by the whole deal.

This is probably the type of episode you need to watch more than once to get everything that happened and put it all into context. That said. I think there was a fair bit more juice that could have been squeezed from Watergate and feel that this would have worked better if it were a two part story.

Timeless - The Watergate Tape
  • The Good: Using Watergate as a means to flesh out Rittenhouse
  • The Bad: I feel this story would have worked better over two episodes
  • Story
  • Acting
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