In Review: Timeless – The Murder Of Jesse James

Flynn teams up with legendary outlaw Jesse James.

Synopsis: Flynn teams up with legendary outlaw Jesse James. Together they cut a bloody swath across the American frontier. Hot on Flynn’s trail, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus enlist the help of an iconic Marshall in order to bring the fugitives to Justice.

Review: Timeless once again provides me with some American history that I wasn’t aware of. That The Lone Ranger was based on the life US Marshall Bass Reeves.

The story this week sees Flynn enlisting the help of Jesse James in order to track down a woman who was involved in the early stages of testing Connor Mason’s time machine. Meanwhile Connor has started training Jiya to pilot the time vessel so that she can replace Rufus who is no longer of use to him and Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt are all beginning to show signs of being somewhat jaded by their time travelling heroics. Lucy is pining for a simpler time when she still had a sister, Wyatt is wanting to try and prevent the death of his wife and Rufus because he is pissed at both Connor Mason and Rittenhouse.

The story was a great one for moving the character arcs on a little and Daniel Lissing who is best known for his role as the romantic lead in ‘When Calls The Heart’ is surprisingly psycho as Jesse James, which is so far removed to what have seen him play before. 

Colman Domingo was pretty cool as Bass Reeves who is portrayed as the ultimate lawmen with a strong moral sense of right and wrong.

The revelation that one of the early test pilots for the time machine faked her own death to live in exile in the old west has certainly given viewers of the series some new fat to chew on. I look forward to seeing how she will figure in the weeks to come.

It will also be interesting to see how quickly Jiya catches on to the whole Rittenhouse thing and joins up with Rufus and the others.

Timeless - The Murder Of Jesse James
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