In Review: Timeless – The Miracle Of Christmas Part 1 & 2

Wyatt, Lucy, and the team get an upgraded time machine from their future selves with which they set out to save the life of their friend Rufus.

Synopsis: Wyatt, Lucy, and the team get an upgraded time machine from their future selves with which they set out to save the life of their friend Rufus. But the mission to stop Rittenhouse winds up taking priority.

Review: Like many fans, some of us here at SciFiPulse were disappointed by the cancellation of ‘Timeless’ earlier this year, but were relieved to hear that series creator were able to make these two episodes in order to tie up loose ends and give the series what felt like a proper ending.

The Story

Picking up moments from where the season two finale left off. Lucy and Wyatt get a visit from their future selves and are gifted an upgraded version of the lifeboat, which has autopilot and also get an updated version of Lucy’s diary. Right away Wyatt and Lucy get to work on figuring out a way that they can save Rufus, but before they can act on anything that they have learned they wind end up being sent back to 1848 to stop Emma Whitmore and Jessica Logan from getting hold of some gold for the future of Rittenhouse, which has a different agenda under Emma than it had under Lucy’s late mother.

While in 1848 Lucy, Wyatt, Jiya and Flynn bump into Joaquin Murrieta who was known as the Robin Hood of the old West and was the inspiration behind Zorro. The team does a deal with Murrieta in exchange for the use of his horses and the deal pretty much winds scuppering Emma’s plans.

Meanwhile, Flynn has gone back in time on a mission to save Rufus, which involves him killing Wyatt’s wife Jessica. Which in turn allows a revived Rufus to save the life of Wyatt, Lucy, and Jiya back in 1848 with just a little help from Murrieta.

All is well again for the team. But they still have to stop Emma and what remains of Rittenhouse, but before they can Jiya, Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus are sent to the 1950s and are placed slap bang in the middle of the Korean War. In the present Agent, Christopher and Connor Mason figure out that their team has fallen foul of a Rittenhouse trap and set about doing all they can to stop the deaths of their team members.

The Acting

As with most episodes of Timeless, it was Goran Visnjic who stole the show in the opening episode of this closing two and I feel his character of Garcia Flynn gets a satisfying ending, which winds up in a near perfect time loop given that we see the mission of 2023, which introduced Flynn to Lucy at the close of the story.

I also loved what Paul Lincoln Alayo did with his interpretation of Joaquin Murrieta. He played it very much like you’d imagine a real life Zorro to be and if he doesn’t wind up getting cast in a future interpretation of the Zorro stories. It would be a crime against actors.


These two episodes end the story of Wyatt, Lucy, Jiya, Rufus, Agent Christopher and Connor Mason in a really satisfying way. And they even manage to incorporate a little Christmas into the mix as well.

I really liked how Lucy’s decision to save a young Korean woman from the war winds up giving us a possible in for a third series but given how difficult it has been to get two seasons of this show done. I’d not want to assume anything.

Overall. If this is the last we ever see of Timeless. I’m quite happy with the happy ending that we got for all the characters. Even though it meant a huge sacrifice for Flynn, who was easily the most complex and layered character of the series.

Timeless - The Miracle Of Christmas Part 1 & 2
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