In Review: Timeless – The Lost Generation

Lucy and Rufus get sent to Paris in 1927 on the day that Charles Lindbergh completes his transatlantic flight.

Synopis: Rufus and Lucy are sent to 1927 Paris on the same day that Charles Lindbergh completes his transatlantic flight.

Review: Lucy now armed with full knowledge of her familial connection to Rittenhouse is as determined as ever to bring them down. But it would seem that two of her best allies have been taken out of the picture. Wyatt is in custody for stealing the lifeboat. While Agent Christopher has been replaced by an NSA agent and the whole operation has been taken over by Rittenhouse.

The mission this week takes Rufus, Lucy and a new soldier called Dave to Paris. There job is to prevent Flynn from getting to Charles Lindbergh.

Unfortunately for them Flynn gets to Lindbergh first and we soon find out that Lindbergh also has a family connection to Rittenhouse.

The story as it slowly unfolds is a lot of fun due to the fact that we see several key historical figures from the roaring 20s. Folk like a young Earnest Hemingway who is chasing down a good story. Josephine Baker who is doing her thing and being incredibly sassy and we capture a brief glimpse of Pablo Picaso.

When there new soldier Dave gets himself killed. It leaves Lucy and Rufus to their own devices and they wind up leaning pretty heavily on Hemingway and Josephine Baker for support.

Of course without Wyatt the team is not as effective and Lucy manages to get herself captured by Flynn, but uses her new found connection to Rittenhouse in order to get under the skin of Charles Lindbergh. Trouble is Flynn is also listening in and uses the information Lucy extracts in order to go after another member of Rittenhouse.

Back in the present. Things are not going well for Agent Christopher or Wyatt. And the two begin to try and figure out a contingency plan in order to put a stop to what Rittenhouse is up to.

We get a nice guest appearance from ‘Supernatural’s’ Jim Beaver who plays the new head of the Lifeboat program.

Brandon Barash and Tiffany Daniels put in solid performances as Earnest Hemingway and Josephine Baker respectively. 

Timeless - The Lost Generation
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