In Review: Timeless: The General & Chinatown

Reviews for the final two episodes of season two.

The General: The team partners with Harriet Tubman to thwart Rittenhouse’s plan to alter the outcome of the Civil War.

Review: Picking up from last week. The team knows that Wyatt’s wife is most likely Rittenhouse and tries to persuade Wyatt to keep a close eye on here, but he’s not having it. This causes the team to fracture somewhat as they are sent on a mission to the Civil War period to prevent Rittenhouse from changing the outcome of the war. While there they meet and befriend Harriet Tubman aka The General. Tubman for those who do not know history was one of the leading figures in the underground railroad that helped free slaves.

In the present day. Connor takes Jiya to see Stanley Fisher who was one of the first Lifeboat pilots. Fisher who is bedridden and in and out of consciousness is cogent for enough time to tell Jiya how to use and control her visions through time.

In a weird development. Tubman who takes a liking to Rufus reveals that she saw the arrival of him and the team in a vision and pretty much describes the lifeboat in vivid detail.

Overall. This was the strongest of the two final episodes. Christine Horn puts in a great performance as Harriet Tubman and the visions through time aspect involving Jiya gets some pretty decent payoff. The close of the episode is jarringly sudden as Rittenhouse stage a kidnapping in which they take both Jiya and Jessica. Leaving the remaining team members as aghast as the rest of us. 

Chinatown: Jiya escapes from Rittenhouse but is stranded in 1888 with no way home; the fractured team goes back to save her.

Review: Picking up from where the last episode leaves off. Jyia has been kidnapped by Rittenhouse who want to try and benefit from her ability to see through time. Jessica is debriefed and now back among her people, but is still carrying Wyatt’s unborn child.

Back at the time teams, HQ Wyatt is still in shock about Jessica and the rest of the team is trying to figure out how they will stop Rittenhouse now that they are minus a Lifeboat. An issue, which does not last for very long as Jiya escapes her Rittenhouse capturers and doesn’t quite stick the landing right and winds up in Chinatown of the late 1880’s. But in true ‘Back To The Future’ style, she leaves a note written in Klingon with the whereabouts of the lifeboat so Wyatt and the team will find it in the future. Odd how the ‘Back To The Future’ trick works for Jiya but never worked for Wyatt during the first season of the show. Is the series breaching its own rules here?

The team goes after Jiya, but Rittenhouse is not too far behind, but it would seem that a mutiny is in the works as Emma sees it necessary to kill Lucy’s mother and takes over Rittenhouse with the support of Jessica.

When the team finally catch up with Jiya. Things do not go as planned. Jiya does not want to go home to the present day because she feels that it would be the event which triggers the death of Rufus. Of course, the team completely disregards this as the rantings of a mad woman. And after a big shootout in a bar between Flynn, Wyatt, and Rittenhouse all seems to be well and Rufus seems to be saved. Not for long as Emma gets him as the team is congratulating each other outside the bar, which causes Lucy to flip into psycho biotch mode and go over the mother of psycho’s Emma. A big fight ensues. Lucy shoots Emma and when she tries to deliver the final shot runs out of bullets. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Thankfully Flynn charges to the rescue and the team and Jiya head home leaving poor dead Rufus behind.

As they arrive home. Connor and Agent Christopher are thrilled to have Jiya back, but Jiya who is grief-stricken goes off for some alone time. As things wrap up we get another lifeboat come to land and it is Wyatt and Lucy from the future who in an utter jumping the shark moment invite the team from present day to go and get Rufus and bring him back alive. Which completely undermines the emotional gut punch of him having been killed and should the series get renewed is taking things into Saturday morning cartoon territory.

Overall. This season 2 finale. Potentially season finale does not really achieve too much other than changing the face of the show a little by upgrading Emma to chief snarling psycho and killing off a lead character in a rather senseless way only to try and bring him back in what would most likely be an even more none sensical way. To be blunt Sussana Thompson who played Lucy’s mum and the leader of Rittenhouse has not really been utilized particularly well throughout the shows run. So her being killed lacked the emotional impact that Rufus’s death had.

I’m a bit disappointed in the direction that this final episode has taken.

Timeless: The General & Chinatown
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