In Review: Timeless – The Capture Of Benedict Arnold

The team questions whether they've been fighting on the wrong side when they encounter Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution.

Synopsis: The team questions whether they’ve been fighting on the wrong side when they encounter Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution.

Review: This episode pretty much gets us fairly close to ground zero in terms of the whole Rittenhouse thing and then pulls the rug from under the team as they think they have figured the whole thing out.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are pretty much pushed into an uneasy alliance with Flynn in order to capture the traitorous Benedict Arnold. Apparently the note that Flynn managed to obtain via the teams encounter with Bonnie and Clyde in last weeks story is hand written by Arnold and reveals that he has a connection to Rittenhouse.

As we are taken deeper into the rabbit hole. We learn that this Rittenhouse is not an organisation, but is a person. Which leads Flynn to the conclusion that he must be killed.

Flynn manages to sell the team on this idea and all is well and good until we learn that Rittenhouse has a young boy, which of course sees Flynn wanting to do away with him too.

The episode has more twist and turns and we are yet to find out the consequences of what has happened in the present day. But it looks like we could be stuck in the past for awhile when the series returns because a ticked off Flynn has taken Lucy hostage aboard his time travel pod, which pretty much means that Wyatt and Rufus will likely be trying to track her when the series returns after the Christmas break.

In terms of the small amount of present days stuff we saw. We had Mason telling Rufus to record the missions properly because Rittenhouse are onto him. And we also had a nice scene in which Lucy has dinner with Agent Christopher and her Wife.

The Benedict Arnold connection in this story was a nice little ploy that connected well with the whole Rittenhouse thing, and the time period itself was a brilliant opportunity for us to meet George Washington in a time prior to his presidency.

We had a great acting performance off of Goran Visnjic as Flynn who is totally obsessed with getting rid of Rittenhouse to the point where he is willing to murder a young boy, which makes sense given what that boy might grow up to be. I mean he just saw Flynn kill his Father. I doubt any boy would be able to get that image out of their head and not contemplate getting some payback. 

All the timey wimey implications of Rittenhouse Senior’s death are as yet to be revealed. And I for one can’t wait to see what the present day is like when the team returns.

Timeless - The Capture Of Benedict Arnold
  • The Good: Using Benedict Arnold to connect with Rittenhouse
  • The Bad: The Cliffhanger. I'd much rather us seen how the teams action or inaction had an affect on the present as apposed to Lucy being kidnapped.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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