In Review: Timeless – The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus chase terrorist Garcia Flynn to the night of Lincoln's assassination

Synopsis: Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus chase terrorist Garcia Flynn to the night of Lincoln’s assassination, where they’re horrified to learn that Flynn’s linked up with history’s most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

Review: Picking up from last week. Lucy is still grieving the loss of her sister who was seemingly never born due to her father never meeting her mother, which in turn means the man that she’d always believed to be her dad wasn’t. Don’t you just love time travel.

Either way. The team are sent to prevent Flynn from interfering with the assassination of Lincoln. Flynn has his sights on murdering Lincoln’s vice president in order to as he puts it. Save American.

During the course of the plot. Flynn once more has a run in with Lucy and warns her off. Claiming that he is trying to prevent a conspiracy that could destroy America. As it turns out it would seem that head of the time travel program Connor Mason (Patterson Joseph) is involved somehow and is insisting that Rufus spy on the team.

While on the mission Lucy poses as a Juliet Shakes and befriends Lincoln’s son who is serving in the military. During the course of this friendship she becomes torn on whether or not she should save Lincoln, but in the end decides not to, but fulfils the mission to save the Vice President.

Rufus for his part in things gets to meet some of the heroic black soldiers that fought in the civil war and eventually gets to prove himself to them by helping save a life.

For me Rufus is the most interesting character in this show given that he is the one that is in the terrible predicament of having to work with Lucy and Wyatt while simultaneously spying on them for Mason. He is also the most fun character in terms of he is a black man of this time that is witnessing the horrendous way his people have been treated throughout history and struggling not to interfere while simultaneously telling them that things do get better.

Kelly Blatz puts in a pretty good turn as John Wilkes Booth, who winds up not being the man that shot Lincoln. Instead it was another conspirator. Not sure how that changes the present, but given that Lucy’s family was effected by events with the Hindenburg. It would not surprise me if one of the other key characters winds up seeing something changed about their life.

Overall. This was a pretty strong second episode, which built on what was set up in last weeks pilot.

Timeless - The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln
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  • Dave James
    12 October 2016 at 3:37 pm -

    Not sure who the person was who kissed Lucy at the end. He looked familiar, but I just couldn’t place him. A good episode none the less,with some minor flaws.

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