In Review: Timeless – Stranded

The Team gets stranded in 1754 after the Lifeboat gets shot.

Synopsis: The Team gets stranded in 1754 after the Lifeboat gets sabotaged by Flynn’s men.

Review: The team ends up in the middle of the French and Indian War and have to scrape together some resources in order to fix their time travelling life boat, which has been sabotaged by Flynn’s men.

This is perhaps the slowest paced episode of ‘Timeless’ that we have had thus far, but its welcome change of pace because it allows for some much needed character beats between the core team as well as between Connor Mason and Jiya.

We also see what the procedure is when the team looks to be trapped at a certain point in time or do not have the means to control the navigation on the Life Boat. And it pretty much involves a message in a bottle that is buried very deep underground.

In order to get the parts that they need in order to make basic repairs to their Life Boat. The team have to infiltrate a French military camp, which is made difficult due to the fact that the French already have the team on their hit list as wanted fugitives. That however is not the only hitch.

While travelling toward the camp Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt are captured by the Shawnee tribe of Indians and have to convince the tribes leader Nonhelema that they are not a threat. Lucy tells a somewhat unconvincing lie, which tips its hat very obviously to ‘Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman’, but this lie is not believed. Nonhelema orders them all killed with the exception of Rufus who she feels is not with them by choice. Seeing that he has been confused for a slave Rufus uses his new found freedom to plead their case and says that if they kill his friends they will have to kill him to.

Back in the present Connor and Jiya are about to give up on saving the team, which allows for a nice moment in which both characters tell stories about how they met Rufus, which leads to Jiya figuring out how to bring them all back to the present, which proves to be down to her knowledge of ‘Star Wars’.

Thankfully they get the team back to the present and it would seem that Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy are a much tighter team after their harrowing time in the 1700’s. We close out with a fun scene in which Lucy and Wyatt start to talk about meta physics and the nature of time travel.

As said above. A slower episode than is usual, but a needed respite from the huge amounts of information that we have learned in recent weeks. I really liked the character beats and enjoyed the brief interplay between Connor Mason and Jiya.

We close out with an investigation being started on Connor Mason. Which means we could see interesting developments in the weeks to come. Especially if Rittenhouse gets wind of it.

My one major gripe with this episode is I wanted more involvement from Nonehelema in the story. Which is down to what a powerful presence Karina Lombard was able to put on in the role. And with only the one scene as well. 

Timeless - Stranded
  • The Good: Slower pace allowed for some much needed character beats for the core cast.
  • The Bad: That Nonehelema wasn't more of a presence in the story. She seemed to be a throw away character to get the team from point A to point B
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  • Acting
  • CGI
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