In Review: Timeless – Space Race

As the historic Apollo 11 mission unfolds, the team needs to summon courage as they reach out to an unsung hero to thwart Flynn's scheme.

Synopsis: As the historic Apollo 11 mission unfolds, the team needs to summon courage as they reach out to an unsung hero to thwart Flynn’s scheme.

Review: Timeless goes back in time to one of my favorite parts of history, which is the moon landing. Which is special to me because as a kid in the 70s I always loved watching footage of the astronauts whenever something flagged up on television.

The story basically sees Flynn and his team going back in time to put a spanner in the works by using a modern computer virus, but with old computer software to pretty much DDOS all of NASA’s computers. A clever plan given that there were no such things as computer viruses back then.

In order to put things right. Rufus and Lucy seek the aid of advanced mathematician and scientist Katherine Johnson who played a big role in saving the loves of the astronauts during the earlier Apollo 13 mission, but was never credited and didn’t even get a mention in the movie adaptation.

Of course she is reluctant to help at first, but once she senses that Rufus and Lucy are trying to help and are not commie spies she warms up to them.

Meanwhile Wyatt is on task to track down Flynn who has taken an interest in a young woman and her son Gabriel. When Wyatt eventually catches up to Flynn it is to witness him saving the boys life. We later find out that Gabriel should have died of shock after getting a bee sting.

This for me was a great episode. As someone that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in the UK. It is hard to describe how exciting it was to see astronauts on the television and anything really to do with the Space Program. Hell even in the 80s when we saw the first Space Shuttles go up. It was huge. And when we saw the tragedy of the Challenger mission when all the crew died. We all mourned those brilliant and couragious human beings that had to courage to boldly go.

Although the episode didn’t quite capture the excitement that I felt as a kid. It did highlight somebody that most people would not have known about in Katherine Johnson.

I also liked that the show paid tribute to the ground crew on these missions who were often hyped up on coffee and any number of other legal highs in order to stay alert during these missions.

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Timeless - Space Race
  • The Good: The setting and bringing awareness of Katherine Johnson
  • The Bad: Not to much, but they did forget to mention Michael Collins who flew the mission with Armstrong and Aldrin.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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