In Review: Timeless – Public Enemy No 1

The team head back to 1931 Chicago in order to track Flynn who has gone to Al Capone.

Synopsis: The team head back to 1931 Chicago in order to track Flynn who has gone to Al Capone. They enlist the help of Elliot Ness for help.

Review: The team, which has now gone rogue head to 1931 Chicago in order to try and stop Flynn from calling in a favour with legendary mobster Al Capone.

Upon their arrival. They learn that Capone gets acquitted of Tax evasion thanks to information that Flynn provided him. So they have to enlist the help of Elliot Ness in order to help them track Flynn.

When Ness is killed. The team winds up going to Capone’s oldest brother who has been hiding in plain sight for years under a fake identity.

Meanwhile back at the base Connor Mason is livid at Rufus for implanting a virus into his computer systems. Mason goes so far as to lock Jiya up because he knows that she would naturally side with Rufus. Unfortunately Mason’s plan to keep Jiya from disrupting his plans fail because she is able to MacGyver together a computer using a load of spare parts that happen to be in the store room that she is locked in.

This was a pretty fun episode with a lot of twists and turns. We learn a little more about Rittenhouse and we also get some nice character beats when Wyatt talks about his time at the military academy and one of his instructors.

My one beef though is the fact that they killed off Elliot Ness so quickly into the episode. It seemed to be a huge waste of Misha Collins who was on loan from ‘Supernatural’ to play the legendary G-Man.

To say that the closing moments of the episode is a seat of the pants ride would be an understatement. We get left with one big question.

How will the team get out of 1931 with Rufus’s life in the balance. I for one look forward to seeing how it all works out in next weeks episode.

Timeless - Public Enemy No 1
  • The Good: Great idea to have Flynn work with Al Capone
  • The Bad: Misha Collins was wasted as Elliot Ness
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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